Gone are the days, when the filling of  the answer sheets was done manually and answer scripts were sent to university, followed by the declaration of results. Thiswas a tedious and time consuming process. So, the university has planned to streamline the scheme of setting and distributing question papers from the next academic session. Furthermore, the university question papers will be set and printed in both English and Hindi. As per Pradumn Kumar, principal of Hindu College, who was a member of the exam reform committee, “It will benefit students to have all the information regarding exams, admit cards, results and mark sheets online. The new system under this reform will help streamline the entire examination process as well as minimise paperwork."

This semester onwards the students of Delhi University will be saved from the effort of crowding around the notice board to catch a glimpse of their result. DU has planned to declare the results of ongoing semester examinations online. The results of one lakh twenty thousand students appearing in the exams will be declared online, by DU for the first time.

Keeping clear of all the talks of delayed results, Dinesh Singh, vice-chancellor of DU, said that the results would be fast tracked and declared this time, within 14 days of the completion of the exams. The results of all students would be put up by December 15 on the
university website (www.du.ac.in). Singh says, “Results will be announced online and students will be supplied with their mark sheets as well. If students want a certified copy, they can get the principal's stamp on the mark sheet after that."  

The whole system of evaluation and declaration of results has been revamped and will further be refined in the next series of exams."The evaluation system was made online this year beginning with the practical exam results that were generated by the colleges directly. For theory exams also teachers will submit the corrected answer scripts and award sheets at the evaluation centres, which will be uploaded on the university server. The software systems of colleges are connected with the university server." adds Kumar, principal of Hindu College.

This indeed will make the examination and evaluation procedures for the students of DU, very easy to follow.

Amanda Todd was a normal twelve year old. She loved to talk to new people, socialise and have fun but she made a mistake - a mistake that was the cause of three years of emotional, mental and physical torture.

During seventh grade, Amanda loved to talk to and meet new people through video chats and one day,
a stranger convinced her to take her top off on camera, which she impetuously did. Later on, the stranger threatened to post her topless photos online if she didn’t give him a “show”.  Amanda refused to comply and during the next Christmas break, she received a knock on her door at 4 A.M.

It was the police, who had come to inform her that her photo was circulating all around the internet. She was devastated. The news pushed her into a world of unhappiness - a world of depression, anxiety and panic disorders, and the only solace she found was in the overuse of drugs and alcohol. To alleviate things, her family moved away from the city, hoping to start life afresh.
A year later, however, the stranger resurfaced with a fake Facebook profile and spread Amanda’s photo
throughout her new school and her new life, forcing her to change schools again. The incident was forgotten, a month passed and for the first time in years, Amanda was happy. She even started overcoming her anxiety.
She got in touch with an old friend who expressed an interest in her. She genuinely thought that he liked
her and she went and got together with him while his girlfriend was away. A week later, the girlfriend
and her entourage arrived at Amanda’s new school and punched her repeatedly, in front of everybody. Frustrated with her life and the way she was treated, Amanda drank bleach to end it all. She was rushed to the emergency room and fortunately, she survived and recovered.
Following her recovery, she discovered abusive messages all over Facebook. People had posted things
like, “She should use a different bleach next time” and “She deserves to die”. Amanda moved again, to try and start anew, but she was still haunted by her past. Hurtful messages were being posted to Social Networking sites, even six months after the episode and on October 10, she was found dead in her home. Post mortems have confirmed that it’s a case of suicide.
Amanda lost her life to cyber bullying and in the days preceding her suicide, she posted a video on YouTube, telling her story. She was just a 12 year old, who didn’t know the ramifications of what she was doing.  How could she know? She was just a child and even after all she went through, she tried her best to maintain a healthy attitude towards life, as is evident from her YouTube video’s

“I'm struggling to stay in this world, because everything just touches me so deeply. I'm not doing this for
attention. I'm doing this to be an inspiration and to show that I can be strong. I did things to myself to
make pain go away, because I'd rather hurt myself then someone else. Haters are haters but please don't
hate, although im sure I'll get them. I hope I can show you guys that everyone has a story, and everyones future will be bright one day, you just gotta pull through. I'm still here aren't I?”
Olivia Manning, a twelve year old from Liverpool, has surpassed the IQ of great minds such as Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking with an unbelievable score of 162.
Owing to her high score, Olivia has been invited to join Mensa – A network of brainiacs from around the world and the most prestigious high IQ society in the world. She confesses to having a knack for remembering and absorbing new
information as is evident from the fact that she learned her lines for the play ‘Macbeth’ in less than twenty four hours.

Thanks to her IQ, she has become the centre of attention in her school with her teachers giving her extra work and pushing her to get As in everything. However, she says that she likes challenges and making her mind think.
Both Einstein and Hawking have revolutionised the way we view our universe and geniuses like Olivia may be the next generation of game changers.

It's nothing less than a night dream for each and every denizen to glare the estranged states savoring the birthday of a martyr. For a martyr its  like a prevision eventually steering  into a vision .On auspicious day of September the 28th, Gallant Shaheed Bhagat Singh's birthday was celebrated with much pomp and pleasure at Shaheed Bhagat Singh College while the similar wave was witnessed in the counterpart Pakistan when the age-old Shaadman Chowk  got itself rechristened as Shaheed Bhagat Singh Chowk . The seeds which were sown by the valiant martyr, have finally reaped the growth and the hubris. 
It was a two day event at SBSC which surely took a whooping bite of everyone's grey matter . September the 27th was well -marked by the adornment of premises by bewitching beauty of  a huge Rangoli which had the name of the martyr engineering through the sun- baked hues. 
The cracking & the bursting of lungs by the  bonafide bunch of NCC cadets in front of the college lawn was  itself symbolic of untenable strength of  character that  Bhagat Singh have had possessed .The staff in the stint scooped some minutes out of their busy schedule too  commemorate the pride & honor of the Institution by garlanding the idol of  Bhagat Singh in presence of inquisitive and popping freshers, further followed by the go-green, the plantation event by the Principal & the Student Union of college that basked in the event to showcase their unconditional love .                                                                                                                                                 
On 28th the newly elected panel got the College grooving  by organizing the Fresher's party in the premises itself .The dais got full justice by DJ Sumit Sethi who toe-to-toe got the throng excited by his bunch of jokes and banters. 
The event embodied various contests for the boys and girls . For women clad in exquisite dresses, it was Style Diva contest in association with Veet which had the ladies showcasing ramp walks, dance, music and must grasp aura of  their beauty. They indeed got the young hearts rolling. 
For the very dashing men it was Nano pick & drop contest, the event got its hard shape when boys took to the stage their obvious machismo & desi latkaas and jhatkaas on famous bollywood item numbers. 
Apart from all else cheering in party mood, it was harsh yapping and rapping by the freshers on Honey Singh's numbers that received tons of rhythmic hoots and woots. 
It was a well shaped event with usual bliss and richness.                                                                                                                                                                                                          For the nation as a whole it was a cherishing day that had an aroma of togetherness unfolding in forsaking and bisected nation. The feat that Bhagat Singh rared to achieve finally rolled up in the form of molding mindsets of  some veritable Indian- Pakistani's who had performed their bit to cut through the societal and the political barrage that was historically shaped by Muslim League to belatedly let the Chowk move with it's real name. 
The contours of the nation that Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev and Rajguru dared to canvas have meticulously met an end to form the eternal bond of mirth & ever-lasting happiness!

Mrighansh Jain
University Express


Kapil Sibal is revolutionizing the undergraduate degree of our somewhat beloved University Of Delhi. 
Starting from the academic session 2013-2014, all undergraduate courses will comprise of an additional year making an honours degree four years long.

My Thinking- this move is excellent but heading the way for semester system. To put it rather more arrantly - Good intentions, poor execution.
However, before critiquing this idea, let me list down the key elements of this degree.

1) As mentioned earlier, it will be a four year degree course.
2) There are three exit options for this degree.
3) It will follow a credit system.
4) It will, supposedly be more "Hand On" and "Project Oriented".

So, the above is just a brief summary of the facts at hand. I shall dive into more details now about the above points except the first one, for obviously it cannot be explained any further.

There would be three exit options for this degree:
- If a student chooses to leave after completion of the second year, he/she would be awarded a diploma.
- If a student chooses to leave after the completion of the third year, he/she would be awarded a general degree.
- If a student completes the entire four years, he/she would be awarded an honours degree.

Moving on to the credit system - Students would get credits for each class they attend and would also get credits for sports/extracurricular activities. If they meet the minimum credit requirement, they will graduate. Hence, a very lucid concept which doesn't require further elucidation (Bear in mind that the nitty-gritties of this system are still being worked out).

The last point is that the course promises to offer more flexibility of subjects and more field work during the course of their study. The theory part would be given lesser weightage and more would be given to field work, internships, research projects etc.

Personally, as said before, I think that this is a well needed and good change in our current education paradigm but it is being poorly executed. There is no discourse occurring between the teachers and the authorities. The future DU students, have no information how it is going to pan out. Thanks to the lack of orientation or introduction to the same. The last batch of the annual system passes out next year and colleges will have to grapple with two systems simultaneously again. What is the need to rush into this system?
What is the reason for the lack of dialogue between the concerned parties?

Questions remain unanswered and ‘Students’, along with the ‘Teachers’ awaits them with eager mind, to which University remains mum!

Anuj Arora
University Express

In response to the recent racist attacks on North-East students in Pune, Lady Shri Ram College For Women came out in support by organizing a cross-country run 2012 with the theme ‘Run for the solidarity with the people of North-East’. 

More than 700 students gathered together for this event organized by the college NSO union.Shweta Choudhary, an international shooter as well as an LSR alumnus flagged off the eventat approximately 6 am. 

The guest of honor, Mr. Abhijeet Bhattacharya, the captain of Indian volleyball team accompanied her in this event. The run was for a total of 3 kms won by Aancha lBhola, a second year Economics student. Coke and Uni-style Image were the sponsors providing the participants with t-shirts and refreshments for the event. It was altogether an inspiring and enthusiastic event backed by a strong cause.

Mehak Saini
University Express

People who think only politics at centre is in turmoil these days should turn their eyes to Delhi University where politics from the last few days is taking a new turn everyday and getting shrewder and dirtier.

 While facing crisis of gathering coalition support NSUI gave the besieged Congress something to smile about, its students wing - National Students Union of India (NSUI) - has bagged three of the four posts in the Delhi University Students Union (DUSU). The Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP), the BJP's face on the campus, barely managed a tie with NSUI for joint secretary.

Arun Hooda of NSUI, a student of Law Centre-I, defeated his closest rival of the ABVP, Ankit Dhananjay Choudhary, by a margin of 5,465 for the post of DUSU president, while Varun Khari was declared the new vice president.  Varun Chaudhary was elected the secretary. Since there was a tie between NSUI's Raveena Chaudhary and ABVP's Vishu Basoya for the post of joint secretary, the result would now be decided by a lottery. 

This is the first major victory of NSUI since its clean sweep in 2007 showed up the ABVP as a bad loser. The RSS-backed ABVP had thumped NSUI in the elections last year bagging three of the four posts. The NSUI could only manage to win the post of president. 

Alleging that the candidates backed by National Students' Union of India (NSUI) won the three posts because the Congress government in Delhi and at the Centre used money and muscle power during the election, state secretary of ABVP Rohit Chahal said there was no transparency during the counting. "The candidates were not allowed to see the EVMs. Even the media was not allowed inside the counting centres. Last year, they telecasted the counting on screens, which they didn't do this year,"

Unable to survive the jolt they received after the announcement of result,  Its activists went berserk on the campus and indulged in vandalism, alleging rigging, forcing the police to lathi-charge them. Some students who were injured were taken to Hindu Rao hospital while some students who were critically injured were taken to AIIMS Trauma Centre. “It’s not about winning or losing the polls. It’s about the way Delhi Police reacted when our students demanded recounting of votes. I hope DUSU officials look into the matter and do the needful.” said a disappointed Vijay Goyal, BJP Leader.

In what is being regarded as a highly imprudent move, the ABVP is busy gathering public support. They organised a bandth in North Campus.

However this move by the ABVP was also not very successful as classes went on as usual in most colleges, where no reports of ABVP disrupting classes was reported. However, the ABVP activists were able to make their presence felt in colleges like KMC and Ramjas, where the activists stormed into classrooms and demanded that the students leave the classrooms, thereby upsetting normal college routine.

Students to had mixed reaction about this apparent “bandh”.  Some thought that it is a move to gain unnecessary attention, while some argued that polls were unjustly conducted. However nothing austere has been done till now.The members of the newly-elected Delhi University students' union had all been served show-cause notices for violating the code of conduct before the polls. A fact-finding committee has finally been formed to look into evidence against the candidates and examine their replies. 
in recent development a three-member committee consists of professor Ramesh Gautam, director of Institute of Lifelong Learning and he will also chair the committee; Dr R C Kuhad; and Dr Sunil Sondhi, principal of Maharaja Agrasen College. "It is an independent committee and will decide on the matter," says professor C S Dubey — the chief election officer. 

ABVP is unhappy with the committee choice. "We wanted a committee that would be fair. We wanted a retired judge from the Supreme Court or High Court to chair the committee," says Rohit Chahal of ABVP. 
It is also learnt through the news papers that the NSUI who lost the students union elections to ABVP in the DAV College at Dehradun has also asked for such an inquiry.

Sakshi Gupta
University Express

With the declaration by QS’ Annual survey, the English Department of Delhi University holds its heads high. Getting a rank in the survey among the top 50-100 group, the English Department of DU has made it grand and splendor. No doubt it is a moment of pride or every graduate from DU.

Also, other universities of India which have made in to the ranking but in the rank of 151-200 groups are Jawaharlal Nehru University, University of Kolkata and University of Hyderabad. But the crown of glory was held high by the department of English, DU by standing like a pillar in competition with famous universities like, Pennsylvania State University, St. Andrew’s University and University of Sussex. 

Department of English, DU left behind universities like Purdue University, University of Liverpool and Nottingham University in the race of being better in the language. To the delight only the top 50 has been raise individually and English Department, DU has that privileged taken. Thought the topped university is University of Cambridge.

A student of English (H), DU, remarked, “We are sure of getting more such extended moments of joy now more often as this is like a step towards a dream coming true.” The atmosphere in DU is filled with glee and aims for higher achievements. 

Sahiba Singh
University Express