Kapil Sibal is revolutionizing the undergraduate degree of our somewhat beloved University Of Delhi. 
Starting from the academic session 2013-2014, all undergraduate courses will comprise of an additional year making an honours degree four years long.

My Thinking- this move is excellent but heading the way for semester system. To put it rather more arrantly - Good intentions, poor execution.
However, before critiquing this idea, let me list down the key elements of this degree.

1) As mentioned earlier, it will be a four year degree course.
2) There are three exit options for this degree.
3) It will follow a credit system.
4) It will, supposedly be more "Hand On" and "Project Oriented".

So, the above is just a brief summary of the facts at hand. I shall dive into more details now about the above points except the first one, for obviously it cannot be explained any further.

There would be three exit options for this degree:
- If a student chooses to leave after completion of the second year, he/she would be awarded a diploma.
- If a student chooses to leave after the completion of the third year, he/she would be awarded a general degree.
- If a student completes the entire four years, he/she would be awarded an honours degree.

Moving on to the credit system - Students would get credits for each class they attend and would also get credits for sports/extracurricular activities. If they meet the minimum credit requirement, they will graduate. Hence, a very lucid concept which doesn't require further elucidation (Bear in mind that the nitty-gritties of this system are still being worked out).

The last point is that the course promises to offer more flexibility of subjects and more field work during the course of their study. The theory part would be given lesser weightage and more would be given to field work, internships, research projects etc.

Personally, as said before, I think that this is a well needed and good change in our current education paradigm but it is being poorly executed. There is no discourse occurring between the teachers and the authorities. The future DU students, have no information how it is going to pan out. Thanks to the lack of orientation or introduction to the same. The last batch of the annual system passes out next year and colleges will have to grapple with two systems simultaneously again. What is the need to rush into this system?
What is the reason for the lack of dialogue between the concerned parties?

Questions remain unanswered and ‘Students’, along with the ‘Teachers’ awaits them with eager mind, to which University remains mum!

Anuj Arora
University Express

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