Olivia Manning, a twelve year old from Liverpool, has surpassed the IQ of great minds such as Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking with an unbelievable score of 162.
Owing to her high score, Olivia has been invited to join Mensa – A network of brainiacs from around the world and the most prestigious high IQ society in the world. She confesses to having a knack for remembering and absorbing new
information as is evident from the fact that she learned her lines for the play ‘Macbeth’ in less than twenty four hours.

Thanks to her IQ, she has become the centre of attention in her school with her teachers giving her extra work and pushing her to get As in everything. However, she says that she likes challenges and making her mind think.
Both Einstein and Hawking have revolutionised the way we view our universe and geniuses like Olivia may be the next generation of game changers.

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