It's nothing less than a night dream for each and every denizen to glare the estranged states savoring the birthday of a martyr. For a martyr its  like a prevision eventually steering  into a vision .On auspicious day of September the 28th, Gallant Shaheed Bhagat Singh's birthday was celebrated with much pomp and pleasure at Shaheed Bhagat Singh College while the similar wave was witnessed in the counterpart Pakistan when the age-old Shaadman Chowk  got itself rechristened as Shaheed Bhagat Singh Chowk . The seeds which were sown by the valiant martyr, have finally reaped the growth and the hubris. 
It was a two day event at SBSC which surely took a whooping bite of everyone's grey matter . September the 27th was well -marked by the adornment of premises by bewitching beauty of  a huge Rangoli which had the name of the martyr engineering through the sun- baked hues. 
The cracking & the bursting of lungs by the  bonafide bunch of NCC cadets in front of the college lawn was  itself symbolic of untenable strength of  character that  Bhagat Singh have had possessed .The staff in the stint scooped some minutes out of their busy schedule too  commemorate the pride & honor of the Institution by garlanding the idol of  Bhagat Singh in presence of inquisitive and popping freshers, further followed by the go-green, the plantation event by the Principal & the Student Union of college that basked in the event to showcase their unconditional love .                                                                                                                                                 
On 28th the newly elected panel got the College grooving  by organizing the Fresher's party in the premises itself .The dais got full justice by DJ Sumit Sethi who toe-to-toe got the throng excited by his bunch of jokes and banters. 
The event embodied various contests for the boys and girls . For women clad in exquisite dresses, it was Style Diva contest in association with Veet which had the ladies showcasing ramp walks, dance, music and must grasp aura of  their beauty. They indeed got the young hearts rolling. 
For the very dashing men it was Nano pick & drop contest, the event got its hard shape when boys took to the stage their obvious machismo & desi latkaas and jhatkaas on famous bollywood item numbers. 
Apart from all else cheering in party mood, it was harsh yapping and rapping by the freshers on Honey Singh's numbers that received tons of rhythmic hoots and woots. 
It was a well shaped event with usual bliss and richness.                                                                                                                                                                                                          For the nation as a whole it was a cherishing day that had an aroma of togetherness unfolding in forsaking and bisected nation. The feat that Bhagat Singh rared to achieve finally rolled up in the form of molding mindsets of  some veritable Indian- Pakistani's who had performed their bit to cut through the societal and the political barrage that was historically shaped by Muslim League to belatedly let the Chowk move with it's real name. 
The contours of the nation that Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev and Rajguru dared to canvas have meticulously met an end to form the eternal bond of mirth & ever-lasting happiness!

Mrighansh Jain
University Express


p c jain
10/11/2012 01:27:05 pm

very good efforts


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