“ To photograph is to hold one’s breath, when all faculties converge to capture fleeting reality. It is at that precise moment that mastering an event becomes a great physical and intellectual joy.”
– Henri Cartier Bresson. 
Welcome to Focus 2013, the Annual Photography festival of Ramjas College drawing camera-maniacs from around the university and driving them crazy. The fest which spans over a period of two days, that is, 5th and 6th March, 2013, commenced with myriad events and competitions, offering a feast to the photography lovers. 
First, there was a seminar by Umesh Mehta, a famous photographer, where the audience sat enthralled for hours by the vigour and talent of the astonishing photographer. 
There was also an exhibition, which displayed some of the photographs clicked by the society members, alumni and faculty of the college. Photobooth was another fun-filled, exciting event with a variety of crazy, silly props, where people couldn’t stop posing to obtain a hard copy of their pictures on the spot. 

The most thrilling art of day one was “Click It.”, an on the spot photography competition, whereby each participant was asked to submit two pictures on the given themes within a stipulated time of two hours. 
There were also three online competitions which included Chal-Chitra- short film-making competition, Story-Hack and “Captured”- online photography contest. Notable photographs from these competitions were also included in the exhibition which were truly remarkable. 

“Draw Your Imagination” was another engaging competition, where the participants were given a theme on the spot and they were asked to draw a scene using their imagination; drawing not being the benchmark for judgement but the depth of imagination and creativity. 
The photography fest is in association with “Better Photography” which is a leading photography magazine in Asia. Also, Nikon and Croma made explendid display of their products including lenses, cameras, DSLRs and addressing the concerns of the people.
Delhi School of Photography, too offered guidelines and information about the various courses and diploma programs they offer for budding photographers and professionals. 

Day one at the photography festival of Ramjas College seemed like a paradise where artists made an exhilarating exhibition of breathtaking pictures and providing the affable ambience of an art gallery. The fun and excitement continues as day two seems to be packed with more enthusiasm and splendid portrayal of creativity and innovation. 

Suhani Arora

Photo Courtesy : Suhani Arora

bharti arora
3/10/2013 10:26:05

no doubt , tireless efforts of focus team made the day fabulous ..:):)


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