The annual English Departmental Fest, Pantheon ’13, of DCAC more than lived up to its hype and set a benchmark for the ones to follow. Held on 4th and 5th March 2013, the fest had literally lit up the college with its lively activities and competitions. Inaugurated on the morning of 4th day of March, the first events to kick-start the event was the Debate and the Panel Discussion, which ultimately went on to become the high point of the fest.  The fact that the event was held in association with Bioscope, the film society of Delhi College of Arts and Commerce is enough to suggest that films, cinema, movies and literature were a pivotal topic of discussion throughout the two days.

Without a doubt, the panel discussion on Cinema and Literature was the most-attention-grabbing-event. Ansh Ranvir Vohra, a student of English Hons, says, “We had an actor, a filmmaker and an author/film critic (as the panelists). So we had all perspectives covered. Hence all queries/doubts the audience had about the concept of literary adaptations were very convincingly answered.” The talk on Music and Counterculture too witnessed a packed auditorium. Next to the auditorium was a Disneyland-themed studio, complete with a Prince-Charming and Cinderella.

The Yard-Sale stall, reselling old and used novels, was a hit among the students too.  The next day, was action-packed as events like the Quiz, Treasure Hunt and the Spell-Bee took place. Students in teams could be seen running around in a dug-up-messy campus, looking for clues. The Quiz heated up as the team from Venky alleged cheating, but eventually went on to win! Rohan Joshi, the quizmaster surely kept the audience entertained. The Pizza Hut stall was too thronged by students flitting from one event to another.

All in all, the preparations were nicely done and standards ensured. The promotions spree which led to the event had struck the right chord with the students and the fest most certainly lived up to the expectations! 

Manav Seth

Photo Courtesy : Pantheon Facebook Page

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