The Mathematics department of Miranda House is organizing their fest ‘Origin 2013 on the 20th of March’. The event is the perfect stage for those who want a learning experience along with loads of fun and math-ness.

The schedule for the one day event is as follows:

9:00                      : Inaugural Talk

9:30-11:00         : Talk on ‘Cryptology’ by Dr. Geetha Venkatraman followed by career counseling.

11:30-12:00    : Investor awareness program on financial literacy by Bombay Stock Exchange

12:00              : MATLAB event paper presentation “Avengers and the Rise of    Numbers”-The   Scavenger Hunt

1:00                 : The Logical Quiz

3:00                 : Pictionary

Venue               : Miranda House, Room no. : 149

Come and experience a  perfect blend of learning coupled with loads of fun.

Pooja Singh

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