While it was the second day of srcc’s Crossroads and almost every student found himself in the dilemma of which one to go for, Hindu didn’t face any less patronage for the much admired Mecca. The most awaited event of the day was the crowning of Mr. and Miss Mecca which was given to two worthy youngsters –Priya Gulati and Uma Shankar.

The entry to the Mecca wasn’t much restricted as everyone with a valid identity proof was allowed access. The presence of larger than life Nescafe banners everywhere and the sweet aroma of coffee was the first thing one could notice. The food stalls remained busy during the peak times and both vegans and non –vegans had yummy options to satiate their hunger. From the famous Indian street food to the Indian version of noodles (read chowmein) and pasta found their way easily to everyone‘s platter.

Just as the clock struck 2 everyone made sure to find themselves a seat in the auditorium with a good view for the all-time favored event – the fashion show. There was no room for air in the Audi as it was packed with crazy buffs climbing up the chairs for a good view. The commentaries and whistles were pouring in from everywhere; ofcourse no fashion event is complete without such support.

Men could be seen clad in gaghra and junk jewelry sporting the new metrosexual guisewhile women were making sure that they justify the sultry and sensual outfits.  Amity College displayed the theme of hippies and College of vocational studies exhibited the traditional Indian wedding celebrations with a chic twist modern times. Most of the hooting came from the female audiences as the male models could be seen purposely posing and showing off their well-toned bodies and walking the ramp shirtless.

 The announcement of the arrival of DjAqeel acted as a catalyst in shifting the crowd from the Audi to the lawns outside, much to the relief of the poor fellows who couldn’t find themselves good seating arrangements till now.

The decision of the college authorities to segregate the lanes for boys and girls failed in the process and both sides merged with each other, loosing track of boundaries while dancing to the beats of yo yo honey Singh. The dj made sure that everyone had a great time. No one could resist but shake a leg in full swing. Gangnam style remained the favorite, making everyone jump and dance.

Day 3 all in all turned out to be loads of fun for all the people who attended the fest. It was truly a successful culmination to the 3 day celebration of Hindu college .

Diotima Basu

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