The paramount enthusiasm and excitement that the 1st day of Hindu college’s annual fest, MECCA witnessed was continued on the 2nd day too. After the promising experience of the 1st day, people had huge expectations from day 2 which were surely met.

The 2nd day at Hindu was a complete delight to the music lovers. Where on one hand, the Indian group music competition, ‘HARMONY’ proceeded, on the other there was the much awaited, ‘BATTLE OF THE BANDS’.  Most people seemed to be in a fix about which event to attend.  The day was also kick startedby an extremely soothing and exquisiteperformance by ‘Alankar’, Hindu college’s music society.

‘HARMONY’ had very many teams participatingfrom both north and south campus. Each team participating were proficient enough,  however the eminent jury with their supreme and intricate knowledge of the art, declared Miranda house first, Lady Shri Ram college second and Gargi college third.

‘BATTLE OF THE BANDS’ attracted a large amount of crowd. The enthusiasm and energy with which each band performed was beyond words. The crowd couldn’t help cheering as loudly as possible for those performing. This event was a huge success.

Other events like, ‘treasure hunt’, ‘volley ball’, street dance’ and ‘quiz’ . Inclusion of a sports event, ‘volley ball’ was an altering element at MECCA. With this event the fest ensured participation by one and all in one event or the other.

The food was a great hit in the fest with various varieties of food catering to everyone’s taste. Everything, as expected went extremely well on the 2nd day, except the performance by the sufi band ‘NASHA’ that didn’t happen because they couldn’t arrive in the city due to the cancellation of their flight.

All in all the 2nd day was a hit which would have been even better had the performance happened. 

Shreya Seth

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