One of the most awaited fests – Histrionica – The Annual Theatre Festival of Shri Ram College of Commerce commenced on 14th February marking the initiation of one of the biggest fests in the college. Organized by the Dramatics Society SRCC, the fest per se is primarily a theatre festival exhibiting various competitions in the domain of theatrics. Though, this time it was more comprehensive and comprised of various other competitive and non- competitive events as well.

Celebrating the finesse of the theatre was their event Charades– The Stage Play Competition showcasing various English, Hindi and bilingual stages that have always been the charm of the theatre lovers of Delhi University. The event saw participation from various colleges across Delhi University – both from South as well as from North Campus such as LSR, Hindu, Sri Venkateswara College, etc.

Aahvaan - Nukkad Natak as is evident from the name, was the street play competition. Enthralling the crowd from its songs to its human formations, it is one of those events which reflect the true picture of the society and sensitize people towards such evils. Bringing the crowd to life with the beats of the dafli – it was another ‘must-watch’ in the fest.

Besides they had other competitive events as well which included Shutters – The Photography Competition
and Sum of the Parts - Skit Competition (which was Histrionica’s first ever skit competition). There were
events happening by the minute which created an energetic buzz across the campus. An afternoon of riotous fun and hilarious laughter organized with the stand-up comedian 'Raghav Mandava' sent everyone into fits of laughter.

However Live Wire – The Rock Band Competition stole the show away with the scintillating performance of the band – Faridkot. The band performed Live at SRCC on the 16th of February which was preceded by various rock bands’ performances who were participating in the competition from all over the country. It surely was a fun night for the rock music lovers! The Classical Music Night – 'Saaz' was another successful event which entranced the crowd. With the soothing strum of the sitar, the beats of the tabla, the charming melody of the flute ,the star-studded night was devoted to the beauty of the classics with Sa Re Ga Ma Pa finalist Farid Hasan Khan performing at SRCC. His performance was mesmerizing taking the gathering into a trance.

All the events were very well organized by the DramSoc team. The four days were enjoyed thoroughly by everyone – be it the participants, the audience or the organizers themselves. The fest concluded on the 17 th of February with the classical night performance by Farid Hasan Khan. The organizing department confesses the fact that it would not have been possible without the constant support of the entire team, everyone who worked day and night to make the event a success and also they attributed their success to their counterpart – the audience because “The audience is the most revered member of the theatre. Without an audience, there is no theatre”. With their attire carrying their punch line – “SAB TAMASHA HAI”, they really lived up to the spirit of the festival.

- Garvit Godawat
UE Correspondent

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