Enactus SRCC (formerly SIFE) in nexus with the Business Conclave SRCC organized a three day event from 4th to 6th of February showcasing a multi-dimensional set of activities redefining the way one looks at life. The essence of the entire project was to exemplify the concept of bringing ideas into action by entrepreneurial skills and that is precisely what ENACTUS stands for – ENterpreneurship ACTion US. The camaraderie draws its basic ideologies from the Japanese art of Origami – From Nothing to Something, something admirable.

Think out of the box was the main competitive event held during the span of three days. The event was intrinsically a business model competition. The participants were given the case of a deprived community where they were asked to make the business model of a product they would like to have launched in the community entailing plans on marketing techniques, financial viability and more of the kind. The event was not restricted to Delhi University and it witnessed participation from other parts of the country as well. The participants zealously competed against each other and presented some really innovative ideas. Windmill, jewellery line and Green Village were some of the notable ones.

The crux of the entire event was the Project Corner which was the pivot for the entire activity. The project corner featured details of the various programs Enactus has so far implemented. To begin with, Aahaar is their women empowerment program by which they try to seek a curb on women trafficking, providing them with training in culinary skills with Taj Mansingh hotel helping them find a way out of the vicious cycle of exploitation.

Another one of their projects Life on Wheels mainly focuses on the financial inadequacies of the rickshaw pullers and extreme exploitation by the money lenders. Enactus has entered into an agreement with PNB to provide finance to rickshaw pullers freeing them from the clutches of incessant moneylenders. Kayakalp is yet another one of Enactus’ projects wherein they protect and try to preserve the dying art of puppetry. This, they accomplish by providing training to people in puppetry, but in a contemporary way using it as a means of education.

The sensitivity of Enactus towards the society is conspicuous from the fact they have also taken steps to eradicate the practice of human scavenging which has been abolished by law in India since 1993, though it is still being practiced in rural India. Azmat is the program through which Enactus helps village women by training them in manufacturing of detergent and helping them create a market for the same. Enactus also has International relations with the University of West Australia where they are working on a plan to replace plastic bags with jute bags and the entire work of production of jute bags is outsourced to India.

It is apparent that the domain of work of Enactus is multi-faceted centering on the needs of every section of the society not restricting themselves to just one. The need for the entire activity was to make everyone delve into introspection and have some subtle realizations. These would ultimately help define and redefine our attitude towards life - Enactus makes a difference..!!

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