5th and 6th of March 2013 saw Motilal Nehru College once again open its gates and welcomed the University crowd for its annual Economics Society fest, Ecoverve’13. Though majorly an offering for the commerce buffs, Ecoverve’13 did a pretty decent job by catering to the expectations of the students from other backgrounds by keeping them more than just occupied with its filler events, such as ‘Aim Dart’ and ‘Poster Making’.

Ecoverve’13 was formally inaugurated by Prof. Arun Kumar, faculty member Jawaharlal Nehru University, at around 9 in the morning. Half an hour later, in a seminar he addressed young eager minds on ‘Black Economy’, a topic on which, he has numerous articles and a book too to his credit.

Prof. Kumar talked about the need for a more proactive approach to the growing issue of prevailing Black or parallel economy, which if not curbed soon would eat into the country’s economic foundations, emptying our coffers, and strengthening the federal reserve of foreign countries, all at our expense.

The seminar, much appreciated by the listeners in a way set things rolling in the right direction for the fest and “Griller the Quiz”, Ecoverve’13’s next offering did well to keep it that way. A nicely contested event won eventually by Avlok Juneja and Nalin Jain. Madhuri Bucha and Neha Jain comprised the Runner-up team. The next event was “Mock Stock” where the participants tried to simulate real life stock exchange situations. Event winners were Rahul Gupta and Mayank Agarwal. The last event of the day was, “Young Managers” with its declaration of the winners, Mayank Gaur and Krishanu Sharma from signalled curtains for a very fine first day of Ecoverve’13.

The Society also organized a drive ‘Sparkle’ which aims to collect items of daily needs like clothing, food etc. and the proceeds of which will be donated to an NGO.

As we all know, its quality that matters and not quantity. The foot fall in MLNC for Ecoverve'13 wasn't that large but people who came seemed really talented. The second day at Ecoverve started with GD consisting of three rounds. The topics being:
a.) Politicized Monarchy
b.) Women make better bosses than men
c.) Is technological improvement\advancement responsible for degradation of our social fabric.

The Group Discussion seemed really interesting with participants from more than 6 colleges. Next they had debate, for which the topic was, “Whether INDIA can be a developing nation and an agriculture based nation at the same time?”

The debate saw a number of participants. It was followed by Ad-mad. The creativity of the participants was commendable as they came up with many interesting ads at ECOVERVE'13 and like every year it was a big hit. The reason for the success of the ECOVERVE'13 was the hard work put in by the Organizing Committee who worked really hard to make the event a Grand Success!
ECOVERVE'13 ended on a good note and with the hope that ECOVERVE'14 will be Bigger And Better.

Sushant Talwar,Rhea Luthra & Hira Shamim

Compiled by
Onusha Dey (Editor)

Photo Courtesy: Economics Department,
                          Moti Lal Nehru College(M)

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