'Econotize 2013' an initiative by Shaheed Bhagat Singh College was a grand success blend with hues of magnificence & glory. The endeavour put up by the Economics Department of the college bore tasty fruits as it received kudos from every one who came to attend the fest. Even if there were some glitches it was very well outweighed by the overall grit of the event as a whole.

The three day event was kicked off by the felicitous words and woes of the Chief Coordinator Mr. Jayesh Adeshra. The first day of the fest saw enthusiastic students from across the university flooding up the gates to participate in different activities, ranging from Quizopolis to Ad- Mad. Beg, borrow, deal was surely the most popular event as we witnessed many participants rushing from pillar to pillar to beg or to borrow or to steal the items that were given to them in the form of a list .It literally looked as if as a robber was trying to  impress others by his smooth tactics in order to lure out his wants. Ad-Mad was an another pleasure to watch as the students went bang on with head-churning interjections and corrections while munching out the view on topics relating to the political facade of our country. 
Then followed the second day of the fest, the amenity was formal with utter formal gatherings of delegates clad in formal outfits in the form of Model WTO &The Recruiters. Model WTO was organised on lines of MUN and was the light of the day as the delegates couldn't keep themselves from commending the knowledge of the Executive Board and the creativity of the International Press . It went smooth as subtle even dashing off to a clear consensus on  the global agenda of economic reforms .The Recruiters gave chance to many to portray their recruiting proficiency . The second day was spiced up by bit of "dalaali" as the formal order took to its side to finally give way to stocks to smash & stalk the knowledge an the profit-making techniques of the stock-o-vistas . It started off with B-Quiz followed by the stock purchases & the bulletin fluctuations. Musiconomics went slightly awry as the absence of the participants created the  unruly chaos but eventually it was set back to order. 

Third day had the second round of Model WTO along with the freaky & groovy Fifa PS3 Battle which made the gizmos freaks betting their odds against their opponents to take the award home. When such was the grandeur of the activities, the awards & the prizes couldn't lay back as the participants were rewarded with chocolate boxes, cash prizes & many more exciting gift hampers .In all, Econotize 2013, sponsored by HELLO ORGANIC was a sight to take snap of the gleam, gush, grit of the volunteers, executives, joint secretaries, teachers and Economic Society as a whole chunk.

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