And so the gates of Miranda House opened this chilly morning to welcome witches and wizards to celebrate the bliss of reading and magic they have been bestowed with by J.K. Rowling. Oh, our childhood would not have been the same without Rowling’s magnanimous bequest-
Harry Potter. Holding its prestige among the most read books and maintaining its zenith among the must- read list of books of all time, Harry potter has brought magic in the lives of all crazy Potterheads who would do anything to break through the gates of Hogwarts and live the life of a wizard.

Miranda House offered one such golden opportune to the Harry Potter fans to have a glimpse of life at Hogwarts. The event was called Spellbound, a fundraiser for ‘V.Krishna Memorial Event’ which will take place in Miranda House early this April. The day had so much to offer ranging from books to junk jewellery to Potter merchandise and much more.

Right at the beginning there was a Food Court which served mouth watering delicacies and drinks. The Food Court had ‘magical’ food
which included Butterbeer, gilly water, fire whisky and love potion while the muggle food comprised of seekh kebabs, cakes, cookies and chicken wings. Acid pops and pink coconut ice were simply irresistible!

‘Flourish and Blotts’, the book bazaar constituted of various genres like Hermoine’s Literary Fiction, Ron Weasely’s Children’s Fiction and Potter’s Popular Fiction. The books ranged from fantasy to sci-fi to crime to romance and classics.

Tomes and Scrolls and Scrivenshafts had multitude posters, bookmarks and notebooks which sold like hot cakes bearing characters’ images and quotes. Ollivanders’ was another section which had amazingly beautiful wands and Harry Potter miniatures crafted by the students. They sold over seventy-five wands and the elder wand was what everybody wanted. Dexter inspired blood smeared wands, wands in the four house colours, pink and white Lavender Brown fairy wands with unicorn hair was what attracted
the people most. The Yummy Yarn sold Harry Potter mufflers and scarves. Borgin and Burkes had bewildering stock of dark magical objects such as jewellery, bags, stationary, scarves and mugs.

Also, there was Department of Prophecy which was no less than Sybil’s Trelawney’s prophetic talent telling of all what you need to know about your academics, love life or career.

NEWTS, like owls was not a cakewalk. It was an electrifying three step competition which gave a chance to young Potterheads to prove their wizardly knack including spell casting and role playing abilities. Even if you are a muggle in the land of Harry Potter maniacs, this event had something for everyone.

“Voldy’s gone mouldy, so now let’s have fun.” That’s what it said. At the end of the day, we hung ourselves out on the broomsticks, guzzled our mugs of butter-beer with an extra dosage of love potion to get bitten by the lovebug; our heads exploding with awesomeness as we chattered happily about the world of magic.

- Suhani Arora
UE Correspondent

2/16/2013 18:52:51

truly a great piece of writing... making me feel as if i am dere experiencing d whole stuff...!!!!great skils ; marvelous .....*spellbound*

2/16/2013 23:30:22

Very well written, Suhani! It captures everything the event offered, and adds to the magic of it!

Suhani Arora
2/16/2013 23:42:21

Thank you, Ujjwal and Nishtha. :)
I am indeed honoured.

2/22/2013 01:24:39

Happy to leave you Spellbound!! Love your article!! :)

Anisha Khanna
2/22/2013 22:57:30

Very Well Written! Glad you liked it son much! :D


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