“When nations grow old, the arts grow cold and commerce settles on every tree.”            - William Blake 
The morning was full of fog and mist. The sun was putting in effort to come out. It was a beautiful day because it was Com’Acumen, the annual commerce festival of Jesus and Mary College. The day started with lots of smiles and laughs.

The fest attracted tons of students across the universities. The students of the Commerce Department performed a dance on various Bollywood numbers like “Kabhi Aar, Kabhi paar”,”Gulaabi Aakhein” and the very famous “Gangnam Style”. Noopur, a girl from the commerce department also sang “The Power of Love” and mesmerized the crowd with her voice.

Students started pouring into the venue for registrations before 9.30am. Sister Marina John inaugurated the event with an inspiring speech. The members of the Commerce Department resumed the work as soon as the inauguration ceremony ended.

The highlights of the fest were G20 Debate, Dramebaaz (Ad-Mad but with a difference), Beg-Borrow Find and Bake & Sale.
The G20 summit addressed the issue of 'Steps to overcome negative consequences of global economic and financial crises on employment and job creation through sound monetary and fiscal policies, structural policies to foster innovation and promotion of smaller enterprises.'

There were 7 events in total and participants won cash prizes worth Rs. 52000 along with lots of goodies. The fest offered various types of stalls for food, ice creams, clothes, jewellery etc.

The President Gopica Dhawan was overwhelmed by the success of the fest and quoted, ''The past 2 months have been a roller coaster ride! Strenuous yet exhilarating! Organizing, delegating and of course being stressed became a daily deal! In the end it did pay off! All thanks to my AMAZING Vice president, secretary and core team."

“It was a perfect day to have a festival; the weather was in our favor. Considering the fact that there were 3 other festivals happening on the same day, the turnout was better than expected. The commerce team had put in a tremendous amount of effort to host a successful fest. Participants enjoyed the events immensely. Spectators were amazed by the variety of stalls. Overall I feel that our hard work paid off and we put on a good show "said Aishani Sharma, Vice President of the Department.

Khyati Kakkar, the Secretary, who was one of the main organizers of the fest added, “Since the Past two months our life has revolved around the fest. It’s been like our baby and it felt amazing seeing it come to life in such a grand way."

Com’Acumen was rather an encouragement for the students of various fields to participate in such festivals. Apart from a learning experience, the fest was certainly a jelly bean of fun and enjoyment encored within the crust of commerce and economics. The brightness of sun faded, marking the end of a wonderful journey and decorating the night with loads of memories to be remembered. The journey didn’t end here; the President herself gave an assurance that next time it would be taken to a higher level!

Photographs : Commerce Department, JMC and UE Editor - Onusha Dey

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