The Debating Society of NSIT (Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology), University of Delhi invites you to its first ever Debating Festival COLLOQUIUM’13 to be held from 29th to 31st March

Colloquium has in store a plethora of events and activities that aim to create an interactive space between young enthusiasts and distinguished personalities, taking literary indulgence to a whole new level. Living up to its pioneering zeal, the Debating Society of NSIT, is organizing aJoint Parliamentary Committee for the first time at the collegiate level. The participants will get a sensational opportunity to simulate a JPC, represent a ministry, take a stand on the topic in question and debate to build viable solutions. Further, renowned personalities, Mallika Sarabhai and Ashwin Sanghi will be gracing the event, taking part in a Panel Discussion that aspires to enlighten the audience on burning world issues.
On a lighter note, an exhilarating treat awaits the lovers of Graphic Novels as Pran, the creator of the iconic Chacha Chowdhary, is expected to attend the Graphic Novel Workshop organized by Colloquium. A multitude of other events namely NSIT Model United Nations '13, The Netaji Subhas Memorial Debate, Literary Quiz, Case Study Competition, Group Discussions are set to be held and promise to offer the perfect amalgam of learning and fun. 

Savor every argument, every case, rattle your brains and enjoy to the fullest! It is our aim to provide you with an environment that is conducive to intensifying competitiveness, that’ll stir your grey matter. In view of that, here’s the line-up of the events at Colloquium’13:


After the immense success of NSIT MUN'12, the Debating Society of NSIT takes pride in inviting you to the second edition of the NSIT Model UN Conference.

The committees to be simulated at the conference are as follows:

1) General Assembly - VI

2) Shanghai Cooperation Organization

3) Security Council

4) Human Rights Council


Joint Parliamentary committee is an Ad hoc committee of the Indian Parliament, investigating ongoing national crisis of utmost urgency and importance. 

At Colloquium, participants will get the opportunity to simulate a JPC, represent a ministry, take a stand on the topic in question and debate to build viable solutions.

A first ever, in any debating circuit, we promise to provide you something challenging.


The age old, tried and tested, one on one debate. The rules are as simple as they get, 2 speakers from each team taking different stands, 3+1 minutes speaking time.

Prizes to the best speakers.


The Debating Society is hosting the Lit Quiz as a part of Colloquium'13, bringing together the top quizzing teams of the Delhi-circuit and of India at one place to participate in a one-of-its-kind Literary Quiz. The quiz is open to Undergraduate students and the top three teams will win the prizes.


Colloquium'13 brings to you Crack the Case - The Case Study Competition, where in we challenge the participants to create heaven out of hell, order out of chaos.

The participants will be presented with a predicament pertaining to an existing business. The team(s) that are able to present the most creative and effective solution to the problem, win the coveted title.


"Growing up, all of us have had a fascination… for comics and cartoons." Extending our pent up passion to graphic novels, this workshop aims at exploring the nitty-gritties of the narrative works in which a story is conveyed to the reader using sequential art. 


As the name suggests, group discussion requires you to only speak your mind. There will be two rounds to decide the winners.


Say you were Hitler or Jack the Ripper, how would you defend yourself? Play one of these characters and save yourself from your doom.


Have you also, like countless others, spent hours of your family time watching drama unfold on television sets with heated debates, allegations, denigrations, snide remarks and superb comebacks? Welcome to our set of Newshour debate and be the hour long drama yourself. This event gives you the chance to assume the role of an eminent personality and discuss a burning issue, pitching in your ideas and opinions.

We hope that we’re able to satiate your hunger for intellectual brawls.

Please find attached the complete details regarding the rules of procedure of every event.


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Hope to see you there!!!

The NSIT Debating Society 

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