A mix of the familiar and the new - Mauritius packs quite a punch with its hospitable culture, familiar residents who resemble Indians, multi cultural history (French, Dutch, Portuguese and British), exotic food, lilting French dialects and of course, the many beaches with their glittering sand and sapphire water. A country which is a heady dose of scenic spots, natural beauty, nightlife and rich heritage. Waiting for a chance to explore this sun-kissed country? Go for an internship with AIESEC Delhi University! Its Global Entrepreneurs Program offers you the opportunity to work on social development in Mauritius in the convenience of your vacations. With a suitable duration of 5-6 weeks and the chance to work on projects to help the underprivileged, such as diagnosing diabetes in young children, an AIESEC internship is necessary for both your soul and your CV! It is also an affordable way to explore a foreign nation, as accommodation is provided free of cost. Why wait, you only need to 17 and above! Log on to http://www.aiesec.in/join-aiesec/and register yourself!

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