It’s always a little bit of a surprise for many girls if not all to get  into an all girls college after dreaming about getting into a fancy college , being a part of a cool group, bunking classes on and off and enjoying the newly found freedom to the hilt. But wait! Suddenly you hear the alarm buzzing loud beside you and you’re forced to wake up from this dream. Welcome to the reality! Like the popular notion of any other college under an University, you’d expect Kamala Nehru a.k.a KNC (one of the eminent colleges under DU) to fulfill all your desires of having a carefree college life but the scene is a little different here for a newcomer .The first few months might be a rude shock since KNC does not fit in to the stereotypical image of a college. However, the culture of this ‘hatke’ and different institution starts growing upon the students very soon. Eventually when one settles down, everyone has a different tale to tell with the enthusiasm of being ‘in love’ with their college.

KNC is one of the ten all girls colleges under DU and its quite stringent in many aspects. The teachers are obliging and supportive but very particular about conducting classes regularly and maintaining the attendance record and the most disappointing bit is that one cannot put a proxy for the attendance. Thinking of a mass bunk is surely not an appreciated thought in this academy either. But there are some things which overshadow all these off-putting points and make you fall for it soon enough.

KNC is well known for its campus, co-curricular activities and the canteen! The campus is lush green and has a huge ground. The favourite spot for the KNC lasses would undoubtedly be the Chaupal area where you find most of them hanging around during their short break and chilling or just gossiping. Sometimes, you may even get to see Lakshya (The Dramatics society) practicing the different genres of drama. Next to the Chaupal , you have the Nescafe kiosk and the canteen. The scrumptious food and the varieties available at the KNC canteen not only make all the students hog over the food but attract students from other  neighboring colleges to have a quick bite at the canteen. 

Apart from this, KNC has a mammoth crowd of talented young women in various fields and to bind them together, there are varied college societies which nurture their talents and motivate them to reach for the stars. Glitz (Fashion society), Luminoso (Fine arts society), Zephry (Western music society), Nupur (Indian Dance society) to name a few, consist of budding talents winning various prizes in different competitions, taking KNC to the level where it stands up today.

You walk around the campus and when you look around, you’re bound to see girls working for any of the three societies which require a compulsory registration in one the three societies in the three years of college. The societies are NSS (National Service Scheme), NSO (National Sports Organization and NCC (National Cadet Corps). This college never takes a break! Be it the various talks/campaigns on social issues, Sports tournaments, Union students working for the college nitty-gritty or eminent guest speakers delivering inspirational speeches.

KNC very gently and very subtly teaches one a very important value of life; which is - Having fun by breaking rules is passé; the fun which exists within the rules is uncontaminated and uncomplicated. Thus you really don’t have to struggle hard, break your head and heart in your endeavor to be outside the box; remember that the box was made to contain and safeguard all the fun that you need. What best to exemplify this value when our own principal, Dr. Minoti Chatterjee, the key custodian of the culture at KNC who starts dancing to the tune of ‘Hud-Hud Dabang Dabang’ on your college farewell. It’s indeed a life and time at Kamala Nehru College.

Ipshita Das
University Express

10/1/2012 01:04:28 am


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