I am a homo! Who would have the guts to say that? Now, there is a way students can reveal their deepest secrets and sit back and laugh at them.

Facebook Confession sites have sprouted in university campuses here for students to "confess". About anything, really. Created by students, these anonymous posts can range from love confessions to who's having sex with whom, as well as complaints about grades and assignments.

With new confessions coming up every day, it has got turns and twists in lives of many people like for instance - for those who got hate messages their own friends have started judging them , for the ones loved, new add requests every day. Confessions were fun initially but slowly they are creeping into the personal lives and destroying it. It has become more about people posting random stuff which is most likely to be unrealistic.

Going by the literal meaning, a confession could mean a statement where one admits something that they are embarrassed or guilty about but with the recent mushrooming of confession pages, somehow the essence of a confession is lost. Bitching, inter-departmental rivalries, anonymous love proposals and what not?!

So here I confess: I love working with University Express, and this is not a promotional stunt…

 So…what’s your confession?

Anjali Singhal

3/11/2013 04:49:01 pm

Indeed. Also, the new notion goes like 'One always speaks the truth when drunk or anonymous'. And the fact that you get all the 'likes' adds to it.


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