In the middle of the chaos and controversies stands Ram Lal Anand College. It is not only “The College near Venky! “but a lot more than that.

Life in Ram Lal Anand is in the green, peaceful lawns, buzzing corridors and in the mouth-watering combination of samosas with masala tea at the canteen.

In winters, the stairs near the courtyard is the best place to sit, have lunch and soak up the sun. In summers, it is the shade under the trees of the front lawn where one could always chat up with friends and share food with curious squirrels.

The English Department of the college is known but also the college is one of the few colleges in the University, which offers Microbiology and Hindi Journalism. It has a good infrastructure, which is lacking in many other colleges of Delhi University.

The societies of the college are active and new societies come up every year, like the Photography Society (Visual Anthology) came up recently in 2011. Our Dramatics Society HASRATEIN has reached new heights and won the First prize at IIT Kharagpur. The annual fest of the college SPLENDOUR has been attracting a whole new bunch of people after the performance of Pakistani Band-JAL.

The college canteen is self–sufficient and serves a variety of food items. And if the appetite of the students for variety still isn’t fulfilled, you will most likely find them in one of the various food outlets in Satya Niketan mainly Pizza Hut, QD’s, Kev’s Maggi Point and Idli King to name a few.

A few weeks back the Delhi University Students Union (DUSU) elections were held in which you could see faces you had never seen before while the college was buzzing with excited fuchhas competing in their first elections and other students promoting themselves and trying to garner as many votes as possible. However, in these few days of elections and campaigning an enormous amount of litter was generated which was thrown all around the college and sadly nowhere near any litterbin.

Having said all that, people of other colleges do not really have any good word to say about RLA and have a tendency to always look down upon the students studying there. They say the crowd is unwelcoming and rowdy, that you can’t even pass a day without getting a snide remark from someone to which most of the students of RLA also agree but what I want to remind everyone is that there are two sides to every story there are people in RLA who are very helpful; they are not restricted to their own departments or interests. After the shocking case of the murder of Radhika Tanwar (who was a 2nd year student of RLA) the students as well as teachers stood together for the safety of women.

In other words, the crowd of the college is not as bad as people describe it to be and one should understand that every college has different students from different parts of the society having a different mindset, and if helpful and caring people exist in any college it cannot be a bad college. We have to learn to accept, mix, match and make friends and live it to the fullest to make it memorable.

For the students, who are going to step into the gates of Ram Lal Anand College (RALLA or RLA), it is full of surprises and you can always expect the unexpected here!

Onusha Dey
University Express

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