The study of History as an academic discipline is valued by those who want to learn lessons from the past. The three year History Honors course provides a wide range of ideas and concepts that cut across disciplinary boundaries. It has not a variety of subjects which has to be studied; it deals with just “HISTORY” which is then further sub-divided into various categories according to the period of time and the papers which one has to study in these 3 years are as such :-


 History of India (beginning to c. 750)

 Social Formation and the Cultural Pattern of the Ancient and Medieval World.

 Concurrent Papers


 History Of India (c.750 to 1550)

 Rise of Modern West.

 History Of United States Of America (C. 1776 – 1945), History of the USSR (c. 1917- 1964), History of    Africa (c. 1500 – 1960s), History of Southeast Asia – The 19th & 20th Century (Students can take any one subject)

 Concurrent Papers


 History Of India(c. 1550 to 1750)

 History Of India(c. 1750 to 1950)

 History Of China And Japan (c. 1840 to 1949)

 History Of Modern Europe (c. 1780  to 1939)

 Concurrent Papers.

There are various colleges in Delhi University such as Lady Shree Ram College, St. Stephens College, Daulat Ram, Hindu College, Hans Raj College, Shaheed Bhagat Singh College, Satyawati College, Ramjas College, Miranda House College, Kirorimal College and many others which provide the students with this course. The best part is, this course is easily available to all mediocre students as the cut off for this course is also not high as compared to the other courses in the University. But, yes because of the ever increasing competition amongst the youth, the cut off list for this course is even getting higher and higher with every passing year.

As far as the scope of this course is concerned, History Honors is not having many great scopes as the other courses provide but one should never forget that nothing in this world is small or useless, everything has its own value, it’s true that with just an honors degree in history one cannot get everything they wish to have but with the help of this degree one can definitely find their ways which will lead them to success. The study of history is rewarding for its own sake, as well as providing opportunities for those seeking more tangible benefits.

The History Honors course is a valuable preparation for a whole host of courses and careers after graduation. The training in the study of history is a lifelong asset. Students who have studied history have excelled in various walks of life and some of the very popular names are –

Gauri Khan- She Pursued History Honors from Lady Shri Ram College and is presently a Film Producer  and Owner Of “ Red Chilies Entertainment”

Sheila Dixit – She is a graduate with masters in History from Miranda House. She is an Indian Politician who has served as Chief Minister of Delhi since 1998

Niret Alwa- He is a graduate In History from St. Stephens college and presently he is an Indian television and producer, he is also a co-founder of Miditech- A television software company, but he is most famous for producing “Indian Idol”

Manoj Joshi- After graduating fin history from St. Stephens College, He is presently an Indian Journalist and Author and working with MAIL INDIA as Comment Editor.

Ram Narayan Rawat – He is currently a historian of Indian Subcontinent and a professor at “University Of Delaware”. He Did his B.A Hons (History) and PH. D from Delhi University.

Sagarika Ghose – She is an Indian Journalist, News Anchor and an Author. She did her graduation In History honors from Delhi University.

Shashi Tharoor – He is an Indian Member of Parliament from Kerala who completed his graduation in history from St. Stephens College, Delhi University.

Dr. Vivek bhandari. - He did his bachelors and Masters in History from Delhi University. He is well known as the 11th director of “Institute of rural management Anand” a premier management school in India.

It has been seen that Majority of the students with the ambition of becoming a Civil Servant do this course as it helps them a lot while preparing for the UPSC examination. Else wise, there are many other scopes which can be taken up. After getting a degree of History Hons, one can be a teacher, lecturer, professor, an archivist, an information manager, librarian, politician, public relation officer and record manager. One can even appear for banking examinations, or work with newspapers or magazines. The combination of Journalism with History Hons also provides a great scope. After pursuing this combination, one can even apply for jobs in renowned magazines like - National Geographic Magazine, Outlook and Business India.

Hence, History Honors is certainly a great Course to be taken up by the students. It provides a student with uniqueness as only a few people have the courage to take and study this course, but the ones who take this course can never regret because it helps a person reach heights. History is always kind to people who intend to write it.

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