All those smiling sheepishly thinking of the title, no it’s not what you think. Laughing again at your own wonderful imagination?  Gotcha!

Have you ever laughed at your own silly tactics and profound stupidity? All that thinking and trying to retrace, carry on. Humor indeed is the key to survival in this big, badass and so Bollywood like world. In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, one dose of laughter is a great stress buster, be it with American sitcoms or the pack of PJ’s or two little kids arguing their lung outs, perfectly imitating the Lok Sabha scene. Sense of humor is one sense that doesn’t come naturally but developing it is exactly where the fun lies. But what I see today is a bunch of dull and such serious (well, more than required) creatures that I have wistfully accepted that humor is a rare species now.  Indian parliament’s ruckus over Dr. Ambedkar cartoons in NCERT textbooks which is as old as six decades clearly signals at the dissipating sense of humor. Honestly, politicians look more appealing and promising through caricatures. But the point of debate is have we become so hypersensitive that we can’t take humor of a mere cartoon? Have we really lost it?

Sense of humor finds such an important place in our monotonous lives that certain matrimonial sites mention ‘great’ sense of humor as a requirement for one’s prospective partner. And no, that’s not too big a demand; it’s the need of the hour. Imagine being surrounded with friends and family who keep a straight face all the time, even while watching Mr. Bean...Scary, isn’t it? I have always loved the company of those people who can laugh at themselves because they teach you that life is not supposed to be a battle all the time but a rollercoaster ride to be enjoyed.  Laughing your way through the insults that people shoot you at is the most fascinating way to deal with them. Laughing your way through the worst of circumstances, finding humor in flunking a semester exam (once or twice, not more than that) and trotting on the path of positivity that your ex broke up with you because he just couldn’t handle your explosive sense of humor is the way to be.

All those still wondering the last time they laughed at themselves, do it now. For, ‘if you haven’t laughed at your own silly self, you have missed quite a lot.’ 

Shruti Maheshwari

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