When it comes to beating the austere & showcasing the alacritism "Shaheed Bhagat Singh College" blows its clarion. Quite voguely the college witnessed a blissfull event in the form of " Economics Department Freshers Party". As it had been for years, the whole event was stuffed with vigour and enthusiasm that almost each fresher took a dig at their chance to savour every bit of the muffled moment . 

The event was  kicked off by the introduction of the seniors of the Economic Society  to the entrants which was very well trailed off by the welcoming and felicitious speeches by Augustine Principal of the college & the man in the cult , Chief  Guest of the event Dr. I.C Dhingra. After the soothing spate of speeches , the Cabinet members of the Economic society were brought to the knowledge of the entrants. Mystically as any event is rendered incomplete without the performances, it was very well taken into consideration as the freshers were cordially invited  to the dais the deliver their breathtaking performances in different pursuits that included dance, music, drama etc & the freshers willingly took part in that which was an another positve note of the day.

The well-lit and the glistening room of the college also confronted a bit of talent scouting as the freshers were made to go through several rounds of performances. In the very first round it was all about beating the beat with the partner in a quick fix one minute snap. Students from both the sections were dropped in the tangle in a bid to transform it  into a long lasting friendship for three cherishing years. The pairs performed with utmost rapture and grit that was enough to lure out words of appreciaton from each and every one present their. The freshers were made to go through two more rounds where in the final round they competed for the tag of Mr & Mrs Fresher and that could be hailed as must to watch hour of the event. Moping it up, moment that left every one chuckled was when the seniors grabbed the stage and started dancing quite merrily & that was the big icing on the cake. The splendour of the event was too supported by the felicitation of Mr & Mrs Fresher by the Chief Guest and the sideway clicking and snapping of  pics by the seniors and the freshers . Literally the gilmming eyes of each head was  worth seeing and it took the event to the  Zenith's height.

Mrighansh Jain
University Express

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