After the phenomenal success of Blisspoint 2011, the economics association of Sri Venkateswara College organised Blisspoint 2012 – a two day inter-college event that took place on the 27th and the 28th of this month. With the theme being “Sustaining India’s Growth amidst Global Crisis” and well over ten events occurring in a span of two days, it was a lively, enlightening and enjoyable event for all concerned.

The fest commenced with an inaugural session which included speeches and an interactive session conducted by Dr. Pronab Sen (Chief Guest), Principal Advisor, Planning Commission of India and Dr. Rohini Samanathan (Guest of Honour), Professor of Economics, Delhi School of Economics. It kicked off with the ‘BlissMUN’, a two day conference comprising of three committees – The General Assembly, The Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) and the Security Council. The General Assembly was literally armed with two agendas, the main one being “Ballistic Missile Proliferation” and the reserve agenda, “Prevention of an arms race in outer space”. The conference hall resonated with the sound of frequent table tapping (more like banging) and numerous pleas to follow up by the delegates. The delegate of Iran, in particular, seemed to make well-founded arguments and bring up valid points throughout the duration of the conference. The Security Council decided to discuss the situation in the Middle East with a special emphasis on Palestine, while the ECOSOC argued over the vulnerability of the global market to natural and unnatural disasters. In all the committees, the varying views of the delegates made concord, and hence the formation of a draft resolution, a seemingly monumental and never ending task. When asked about the event, the delegates complained about the lack of functioning Air Conditioners and laptop charging points throughout the venues, but they lauded the efforts of the organising committee and praised the executive board for their vast knowledge and experience.

While the caucuses and the commotion at BlissMUN continued, a general quiz was conducted by Venky’s own quiz society, ‘ConQUIZtadors’ which tested the general awareness and the knowledge level of the candidates in two gruelling rounds. Some events like the ‘Be an Economist’ and the ‘Treasure Hunt’ required no prior knowledge of economics on the part of the participant and turned out to be mind boggling, stimulating and fun all at the same time. The treasure hunt comprised of a challenging elimination round that tested the candidates’ logical reasoning abilities before actually shortlisting them for the hunt. The Siddharth Memorial Debate, named in the memory of one of the best debaters of the college, consisted of two rounds (one conventional and one parliamentary) of vociferous argumentation and insightful expression by the participants. However, the response was disappointing. A mere nine teams showed up out of which six had to be selected for the parliamentary round.  ‘Marshall’s Dojo’ was one of the events that made its debut at this year’s Blisspoint. It required all partakers to present a research paper on any topic/theme of their liking in front of a panel of judges who then questioned them about the same.

The ‘B-Plan’ event saw some very interesting ideas and methods of execution. The team from SRCC, in particular, grabbed the judges’ attention through its extensive marketing, finance and human capital strategies on the idea of recycling plastic. Other events in the fest included a Mock Stock Event, a Marketing Event and a Group Discussion.

Blisspoint 2012 was a marvellous success and all the credit goes to the indefatigable efforts of the organising committee, the economics association of the college and of course, the volunteers. It has raised the bar when it comes to organisation and execution and only a few can hope to match up to its level.

Anuj Arora
University Express

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