Canteens can sometimes prove to be much more than just a place where one goes to eat. Especially in colleges and institutes of education, this place is an open arena for debate, budding of new love stories, cracking jokes, discussing the new ‘talk of the town’, in-between as gap fillers. It is the force of double 'f' that drives one to the canteen as often as one can. Food and friends- both initiate with the letter 'f' and canteen always seems to be the union zone for the two. College canteens build up an ambience of rendezvous, where one can forget all the hassles of one’s mundane living.

Such is the canteen of SSCBS. You get a mix of everything! Starting from the morning ‘chai’ at nine till the evening tea at four, the college canteen is buzzing with rich conversations amidst delicious food. In-between lectures, from lunch to evening, one can enjoy snacks, chips, and soft drinks to begin with and then it can be sizzlers, potato fingers, fish rolls, samosa, bread-pakora, chole-bhature, with countless cups of tea and coffee. The canteen serves both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, including yummy rajma-rice, soya champ, delicious dosa, idli-sambhar and chicken curry. The canteen is also famous for its paneer, veg, and non-veg rolls. Sharing & Caring tends to play an important part in friendships. Funds for food come through sharing. It’s generally a collective fund raised for tea and snacks where each one has a weekly or monthly contribution. Canteen is that one place where one can let go off all the frustrations because it's a land of charm, rejoice and is always in motion. The drabbest may sound the brightest in its premises. One can see laughter, joy, chasing, teasing, tears, all under one roof.

Being off-campus, CBSites may miss out on the ‘campus fun’, but the hangout spots seem to nullify the effect to some extent. Apart from the college canteen, other hangouts include a Chinese stall named ‘Mathela’ which is an all time favourite amongst the students. Undoubtedly, it serves great food which is also easy on the pocket. Other spots are Cross River Mall, which in turn has various joints like Haldiram and CCD. Another hangout is ‘SP’, which again is popular for its various types of maggi such as Cheese Maggi, Masala Maggi as well as for its Coffee, Lemonade etc. One can find at least one CBS-group here at any time of the day. One may not realize but college canteens and nearby hangouts can really make and shape your college life. Thoughts are raised and you too are provoked to think about them. In a nutshell, your college canteen is much more than a simple hangout spot which can add different flavours to your life.

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