Studying in Delhi University comes with its own perks, from a foodie’s point. With DU canteens serving North Indian, South Indian and continental food at very reasonable prices, we have canteens from JNU campus, providing the students with food that is even cheaper than what we get at DU. Moreover, they
just do not stick to the vegetarian food but also serve delicious non–vegetarian food as well.

The dhabas and canteens are strategically placed all across the campus, so that, nobody ever gets
hungry. One such café is café 24/7, where you find amazing food at surprisingly cheap rates; one can eat
chicken biryani plus raita for just Rs. 50, a delicious plate of chili potatoes for Rs. 35 and so on. Located
right next to it, is a north eastern dhaba that serves probably the best fruit beer you can have for just 15
bucks, even lesser than what we pay for a packet of chips. This is that one place where Rs 100 is more
than enough to fill up one’s stomach with delicious food plus drinks, be it vegetarian or non-vegetarian.

Nor does it only provide with cheap food but also provides seating and a good view of the campus. Whatever time it might be, this place is never empty as the place is open to all and it’s always buzzing with students not only from the JNU campus but also outsiders.

- Anjali Singhal
UE Correspondent

2/15/2013 11:19:18 pm

Sounds like a must visit place..

Anjali Singhal
2/15/2013 11:44:47 pm

Trust me you should, this place is amazing.

2/16/2013 01:05:07 pm

where is this place exactly? JNU campus?

2/16/2013 08:47:05 pm

ammmm sounds tastiieee.. :p :D

2/18/2013 08:12:42 pm

what's the exact address/location?
Somebody please share.

Anjali Singhal
2/21/2013 09:01:54 pm

Well, its inside the JNU campus, at the T-point! Enjoy! :)


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