Miranda House has been marking its presence in the news for all the right reasons.  It created quite a buzz with the next big thing in north campus i.e. the Youth Entrepreneurship Summit, 2013. All the big shots of the corporate world, online retail to be more specific adorned the occasion with their enlightening discourses.  The majority of the audience consisted of young boys and girls, all suited up in formals, making an attempt to fit into the corporate culture. The summit was a three tier event.  It started with a Panel discussion 1 which was followed up by a half an hour’s lunch break after which Panel discussion 2 took place and the event ended with a workshop.

The first part of the summit saw quite good footfall. The panelists addressed to a very active and enthusiastic audience. Mr. Sanjeev bhikchandnani – co founder of naukri.com, India’s top most online job portal focused his talk on the hot topic of e-commerce that has changed the whole scenario of business all over. After a brief session of inviting queries from the audience he had to cut short his visit. Ms. Shashi Singh Choudhary - founder and chairperson of Consortium of Women Entrepreneurs in India (CWEI), gave a talk on the mounting need of women entrepreneurs in a country like India. She shared some noteworthy facts about the present scenario and the government measures to exploit the untapped potential of this sector.
Shashank Vira – Founder of The Hearth, CEO of international companies who has established a chain of high quality international institutions (K-12 schools and higher education colleges) and founded technology-in-education companies, gave a presentation which was mainly centered on the entrepreneurship issues from the global front. Mr. Vivek Gaur - a well-known face in the online retail sector put forth the importance of good communication skills that is pivotal for growth and success in the present times. The talk by Mr. Rajesh Magow - Co-founder of MakeMyTrip.com was also extremely invigorating. It was good to virtually experience the journey of make my trip since its inception in the year 2000.  The way by which a simple idea was delved into a brilliant venture received quite an applause from the onlookers.

In Panel Discussion 2, the theme for the discussion was success stories of young change makers.  This event commenced post lunch. The audience seemed curious to hear the anecdotes of entrepreneurs who were almost as young as they themselves were.  This part of the summit was highly entertaining and the credit for that goes to an improvised comedy act by Dhruv Sachdeva and his partner who are the co - founders of Humor me (an entertainment consultancy firm). The audience could be seen having a great time, bursting into chuckles of laughter at his hilarious acts. “If an actor can convince a packed hall of audiences about the character he plays, imagine the ease with which he can sell his product to few men across the table” was one of the witty statements he made by him this evening. At such an early stage ‘Humor Me’ has already served big clients like coca cola and McKenzie to name a few. The discussions lasted almost 2 hours wherein Abhinav Prakash -a humble man from Burari discussed the story behind the concept of yatricab.com and how an unfulfilled need ultimately lead to wholesome innovation.
Aakriti bharghava who was once, a commerce student in Sri Ram College Of Commerce also contributed her share by discussing in brief about her experiences of working with the known faces of the corporate world. Aakriti is the founder of ‘Boring brands’ which is quite an appealing name for a brand per se.

The last step to the proceedings was a workshop conducted by TiE Delhi. Mr. Dig Vijay had come to steer the interactive last session. This part of the summit basically dealt with giving a complete picture of how to put your plans into action and the art of setting up a business.
The student participation was at its best wherein two young girls from Lady Sri Ram College came up with a remarkable idea of starting their own mobile pet clinic. Mr. digvijay did a commendable job by helping them find solutions to the glitches they might face before setting their foot into something concrete. The audience was also quite supportive and participative, raising hands when in doubt and screaming out the answers like overjoyed kids. In the end of the workshop the attendees were handed over certificates of participation in the summit and provided with informative computer disks.

Such initiatives are always impactful as they provide a platform for amateurs like us to chase our dreams and to keep faith in our ideas.

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