COMMERCE SOCIETY ,the most celebrated society of the college exuded their full-proof managerial & financial skills with much vigor & pluck that had others gasping for the sanctum to hide from the supernova glaze of the overall glaze of the overall grit put forward by the young future entrepreneur in the much- awaited UDDAYAM' 13 an annual commerce fest held in the college .It was a two day event 4-5 march stuffed with plethora of opportunities to introspect the erudition& explore the latent potential .

# 'COMMERCE GINNIE' - A mesmerizing embrace to reach your managerial best , a way to clear the path daubed with real life circumstances .Cross-college teams duly participated in the event to reveal off the extra bit of talent they had. SBSC itself grabbed the 1st& 2nd position while SRCC leaped on 3rd.

# ' IPL BIDDING'- Students were given a mind-blowing chance to live the life like a IPL franchise owner. Participants exulted in experiencing the thrill of owning a team even confronting the rigour of losing the strings of their purse .SBSC secured 1st&3rd position while VENKY secured 2nd.

# 'TALKATHON' - Involving in a marathon of mind-numbing discussions has always been the craze& rage amongst the conventional debaters .There was a hard discourse on the topic' Replace aid with remittance which had everyone placed diametrically opposite each other with a snappy interjections & cross-questioning in place .DESHBANDU stood first ,HINDU stood second while there was a tie b/w both for 3rd position.

# 'ART ATTACK' - Art is considered as pure form of expression & imagination and it has always been able to create a soft corner for itself .Students were left startled on seeing the marvelous T-shirt painted beautifully with slogan carved on it.MOTILAL NEHRU STOOD 1 st , RAJDHANI 2 nd , PGDAV 3 rd

# 'PIRATES AHOY!' -Everyone who had a liking for Pirates of Caribbean stood apart to experience the most thrilling event of all time. It was a bit of treasure hunting where on the basis of a given clue teams were required to hunt the hidden clues to take treasure home . Cross-college were the winners of the event , HINDU, KHALSA, RAM LAL ANAND

# 'POKER FACE' - When it comes to wining the battle of wits ,everything is fair , an easy & mischievous way could sound righteous . 11 innocent players were made to vote out a single disguised bluff master amongst them simultaneously maximizing their own scores as well.Winner was SBSC.

# 'QUIZZILA' - The arena became the place of oozing business gossips, the large mergers& acquisitions ,catchy brands as participants took in a deep dive into a business world.Winners SBSC 1st, CBS 2 nd , SBSC 3 rd.

# 'MADVERTISE' - Lying totally off the hook and characterized by awe-inspiring peppers , it took the buck of testing the hidden creativity of the participants.They were required to create a catchy and funny adverts for the promotion of product given to them .Winners SBSC 1st, SBSC 2nd,SHYAM LAL 3 rd.

#' RANG-HOLI'- The coolest & brightest event of the fest to explore the inborn zest & knack of playing with colours ,generating new designs & touching the never reached themes .Winners SBSC 1 st, DELHI COLLEGE OF ARTS 2nd, for 3rd position there was tie b/w two cross- college teams.

# 'BUIZZ BINGO'- Money making has been a darling pursuit many professional enthusiast with a quick to use sharpness & gambling talent kept in secret box of mind. There was opportunity favouring luck rather than strategy .

Cash prizes worth Rs. 90000 were disbursed with exciting gift hampers as well.The endeavor put in by the staff members,professors ,volunteers and commerce society as whole was purely commendable.

Mrighansh Jain

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