The 3rd Annual United Nations Young Changemakers Conclave, organised by the United Nations Information Centre for India and Bhutan in collaboration with the popular youth channel Bindass at The Indian Society of International Law, held on January the 19th 2013, rightly endorsed the tag-line 'Rest Less'.
The event was marked with most eminent speakers, sharing their life changing stories with the young people. To name, attendees had mind-boggling sessions with Mr. Omar Abdullah- Honorable Chief Minister of Jammu & Kashmir, Mr. Rahul Shivshankar- Executive Editor, Headlines Today, Ms. Ishita Chaudhary- CEO & Founder, YP Group, Ms. Poonam Saxena- Editor, HT Brunch, Mr. Narayan Krishnan- Founder, Akshaya Trust, Mr. Chaksu Roy- Head, Technology Initiatives at PRS Legislative Research, Mr. Unmukt Chand- Captain, U-19 Cricket Team, Mr. Anuraag Batra- Founder, Exchange for Media Group, Mr. Varun Agarwal- Founder, Alma Mater, Ms. Ramita Vig- President of AIESEC, India & Mr. Mahesh Mathai- Founder, Blue Frog.
The event commenced with UNIC Secretory General, Ms. Kiran Mehra Kerpelmann quoting Ban Ki-moon, "Empowering young people is crucial. Young women & men want jobs and dignity, we must support them."
To divulge the young at mind and heart, the very first speaker of the day Mr. Rahul Shivshanker rolled in. It would be an understatement to call him blunt and to the point man. He believes The Electronic Media really needs an ethical outlook rather than just cashing the TRP's. The abduction of morality amongst the News people disheartens him to the core, "None of the News channels crew was interested in covering the sad story of a 27 year old farmer who committed suicide, they were more worried about the TRP's".
Ms. Ishita Chaudry's speech was rather enthralling for men and awe-inspiring for women. She seemed amused as she shared her school time experience, "My third grade teacher was haplessly conscious of teaching us about the exact human anatomy, for years I believed it's constituted by a head, shoulders, arms, stomach & legs." She believes, for the current social situations, it's a must that Indian view changes for better regarding the sex-education in senior school curriculum.
Mr. Narayan Krishnan, to everyone sitting there was a ‘Hero’. For 11 years down the line, the generous man has been feeding and rehabilitating the deferentially able and the old, and cremating the desolate bodies. "Do good, you'd recognize your own-self” is what he believes. To the world he might be a ‘Hero’ but he calls himself a ‘Cook’.
 The session with Mr. Omar Abdullah was rather interesting and engrossing. He was awed to see how engaging his audience was. "A politician does not see the candles you light, it's your words and action that makes him a responsible public servant." He sees a lot of potential in today’s youth and believes that the time would change soon for the better.
Ms. Poonam Saxena shared her thoughts rather differently “Change, though optimistic, is need of the hour. It's sad that people do not accept change with fervor." She like others did not just believe change has to come, but rather in the fact, that the youth is completely aware about the responsibilities that follows with it, would really change the picture.
Not to forget about the Young National Heart-throb Unmukt Chand. He wasn't floating on cloud 9 for his recent stardom, instead his thoughts held his roots to the ground. "The fact that our government is keener towards the Academics and there are no institutions like IIS (Indian Institute of Sports) is sad for the young generation." The young man believes change won't happen with ranting about the corrupt society but the basics to start with.
The other respected speakers seconded the same thoughts about how the change would not come with accusing and blaming but being a part of the change itself.

The audience was a mix bag of people from different age groups to profession, to different countries. AIESEC, the 'Youth Reach Partner' for the event, made sure a lot of young people from all spheres attended the event.
As the UE team was able to catch up tits and bits with the Executive Team Members of the UNYCC, they shared with them their experience to organize a life inspiring event like this.
Samyak Chakrabarty the President at UNYCC was quite baffled with adventurously arranging the new venue for the event to take place on a short notice of 24 hrs, "The collaboration of ideas so great makes it all the more great experience to organize and work as a team for such event." he said.
Sanvar Oberoi the National Director at UNYCC, a happy-go-lucky person rather, was more confident about continuing with organizing such events in future, "It gets easier with experience to be a real part of the organizing team. If you would ask the person his experience about organizing Film Fare Awards every year, he'd rather flaunt that confident smile and say, 'It gets more amazing every year'."

Closing Note by Chaksu Roy "Make a difference, Rather than tweeting or Facebook, Get Out Do Something " did not fail to impress many!

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