The time when youth of the nation was questioning the indolence and incompetency of our leaders, The Symposium Society of Hindu College created a platform to experience the law making process in our country. The 2nd Hindu Mock Indian Parliament was hold on 28-29-30th January 2013 at Sir Shankar Lal Concert Hall providing an opportunity to political aspirants to enhance their skills. The students represented the MPs of various constituencies to discuss the resettlement and rehabilitation of the land acquisition bill.

The Mock Parliament witnessed an authentic resemblance to the original lower house with esthetic appearance, holistic thoughts and witty expressions. The participants were demarcated into the ruling party and the opposition party on the basis of a sample bill. The opposition party drafted the bill named Larr 2013, which was discussed and debated on the second day of the Mock Parliament. Day 2 saw heated debate, discussion and deliberation on the clauses of the bill which were finally endorsed by both the houses of the Parliament. Day 3 embarked with the session of discussion on the amendments to the bill and formulated the crux of the debate. After examining the amendments, the opposition party incorporated them in the bill. At last, only 2 out of 20 clauses were passed through formal procedure of voting.

While the University of Delhi was painted with colors of typical Indian parliament, the participants got to learn and experience various technical aspects of politics. As quoted by Miss Shilpa Jain, a student of Economics at the University of Delhi and the MP of Kerela – North constituency in the Mock parliament, “It was an enriching experience. It made me realize how difficult it is to reach at consensus given the same motive and aim of different people. Also, I realized how great it is to draft a bill. One has to keep in mind that and clause should not contradict the existing laws which are already prevailing.”

The initiative by the Symposium Society of The Hindu College was highly appreciated all around. It gave a chance to the students to try their hands on politics and also encouraged the youth to enter into the so called ‘dirty’ profession and purify it. The efforts of the Symposium Society were remarkable and with such a brilliant and organized event, they were able to make the 2nd Hindu Mock Parliament a memorable event that will be looked upon with lots of excitement in future. With such a learning experience, students will definitely look forward to many parliamentary debates as this one.

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