We are now standing on the threshold of a new tomorrow, a time when even the most nagging of the dictatorships are giving way to the triumphant democracy. Standing on such a crucial juncture, if parliamentary debates and discussions are considered an end in itself then it’s just the beginning of a new end. The parliamentary procedures, the long hours of debates the tediousness of the discussions are just the means to an end. If now the question is what are these ends then the answer must be that it envisages that the principle of democracy remains in its pristine form a form in which decision is reached
through consensus , the leaders of the people are accountable to them; that they develop a sense of sensitivity towards the masses. In turn, it also gives immense scope to the masses to make sure that decisions of their future are in accordance to their dream, that the discussions in the Parliament should circumscribe their needs and most importantly the outcome of the entire procedure resonates with the ambitions of the masses and gives them immense strength, indomitable will and courage to believe in parliamentary democracy where an individual happily entrusts his leader the responsibility of realizing his dreams, his ambitions and even his potentials .

But all these principles and philosophies of parliamentary democracy are dependent on the working of complex and sometimes even contradictory processes and assumptions. This includes agreement through disagreement, the willingness to open one’s heart and mind followed by an attempt to respect each other view points, to understand why someone is thinking the way he is thinking and most quintessentially the capacity to compromise. Now if the question is how to inculcate these values in the masses in general and leaders in particular, how to make toiling masses aware of their value and power in a Parliamentary democracy, how to make leaders understand that with great power given to them by Parliamentary democracy comes the greatest of all responsibilities. These are the questions we seek to answer through Mock Indian Parliament. These are the principles and the philosophies which we subscribe to .

The Symposium Society of Hindu College provide the potential leaders of the future in general and students in particular the parliamentary ambience where they can feel the essence of parliamentary procedures, where all these principles will be in force and their capacity to compromise, to lead and most necessarily to belief will be put to a rigorous test. All this becomes more important and difficult specially because we are a part of world’s largest, most active and lively democracy .

With these immensely ambitious thoughts, the Symposium Society of Hindu College, University of Delhi announces with panache – THE 2nd HINDU MOCK INDIAN PARLIAMENT.

Website : http://www.symposium-hindu.com

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