You are making your way to a mall or market place, your head overflowing with thoughts of your own miseries or ecstasies , you feel a tug just above your waist. You look down with frown to know who was the invading your castle of thoughts, you encounter a small sunken face, with unkempt hair and with  eyes, set deep in the face, looking at you.You realise its a street beggar, you call it an “everyday nuisance” or maybe you did feel sad to see her see her or maybe you even give a coin or two, and are happy to turn back to comfort of your own musings. 

We would say we are too used to that now. Or have we grown insensitive,unconcerned, blase to it? Rather not only to this but to almost everything around us that matters, whether it be global warming , coal mining or leprosy. 

Parivartan, the social service society of Sri Venkateswara College has taken a step forward towards sensitization. They are coming with “SUGRAAHI”, annual NGO mela of the society, on 12th of February with the theme “youth sensitization”. This mela aims to spread awareness, sensitize and it also presents a chance to stand up for a cause you believe in.

“SUGRAAHI”, will see many of the NGOs and organisations participating in it. All the NGOs or organisations will put up their stall in the front lawn of Sri Venkateswara College. NGOs will include Friends Organization (works for the rights of the differently abled), Green Peace India and Sweccha (work for environmental causes/awareness), Dil Se (provides shelter homes to street children), BloodConnect (a student run organization that organizes blood donation camps across NCR), The Leprosy Mission (works for people suffering from leprosy) and National Association of Blind (works in regard with blind students). Other organizations that are coming include Yuvati (works for empowerment of women), Grameen Foundation (works for empowerment of women in rural India), Deeksha (works for the environment), Udayan Care, Goonj (both work to uplift kids without basic necessities) and Make a Difference (spreads education to kids).

The day starts with the inaugural ceremony at 10:00am with an address by the Chief Guest, Mr. Harsh Mander, an Indian social activist and a writer. At present, he is the convener of ‘Aman Biradari’ which works for secularism, peace and justice. His writings includes a collection of essays ‘Unheard voices: Stories of Forgotten Lives’ and Fear and Forgiveness: The Aftermath of Massacre (2009) among other works.

The day follows with events and competitions and you are sure to find something that’s right up your ally. There are going to be a number of skits and dance performances by kids from the various NGOs and organizations from 10:30am to 12:30pm. You won’t be able to help being won over by these. For all those up for a bit of a challenge, the fun kicks off with a photography competition at 9:00 am. This is followed by a kite flying competition starting at 11:00 am. Other events include face painting (12:30 pm onwards). To top it all, there’s a blood donation camp that’s going to be held from 10:00 am onwards. in foyer of college. Here’s your chance to really do something and help someone in need.

Hopefully by the end of the day, with our hearts  a little lighter, we will all have become a little more receptive to the world around us, ready to “do things”.

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