Lashed with spice & grit it took all by out of wits
striding through many hearts 
SRIJANOTSAV was high on charts
endeavor put in by the mass
it did tingle suavely through brass.

Arriving as a first blossom
giving relief to the gruesome
kavitas wore the gravitas
laced with humor and sarcasm
it cemented the awaiting chasm
even supported by a huge backing 
young poets were off their lacking
first position was bagged by SBSC 
second by KMC,while BRA stood third.Sharing ,learning& developing the photographic skillstook the students & teachers to the abstract hills
clicking & snapping were on  a serious strut
the imposing talents raged a rut
India from dawn to dusk was the theme for online competition 
Street tricks banged the on the spot competition
Law faculty, Gargi& Maitreyi were the online winners
SBSC & CVS  too sounded like on the spot cock-eyed sinners.

Interpreting the perception of beauty 
through strokes of brushes & vibrant colours
Impromptu was a symbolic filler
beauty was presented in myriad forms 
it vaguely traversed the old norms
Winners- College of Arts 1st, Sbsc 2nd, National museum 3rd.

Strapping through strips did explore the nip
the way participants basked in Comic Strip
Winners- Sundeep engineering college 1st, Dyal Singh College(M) 2nd, Sbsc 3rd.

Raqs & Laasya  ignited the craze as the tapping of the foot
reserved the date with the dais
while some preferred to groove alone 
the coordination of the group dancers too was well-shown
believes & appreciations showered 
students & dance gurus were blissfully floored
Winners- Raqs- Venky 1 st, Symbiosis 2 nd
Lassya- Maitreyi 1 st, DRC 2 nd, Venky & Dyal singh 3rd.
There it was , perhaps on a sudden prowl
raucous guitaring & lung bursting glossed the remnant foul
the more they struck the strings,
Battle Of Bands glided with wings
hear the symphony of tearing
it obviously was the pursuit of a daring.

Mrighansh Jain

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