The annual cultural fest of SRCC – Crossroads ’13 began with a spark and ended in a blast. Yes! It was bigger and better than any of its previous versions. The 4 day extravaganza began on the 27th of February. Each day brought with itself new excitement, new joy, new fun, new adventures and new experiences. The feel was contagious and no one could escape the frenzy it created.

The entire fun was spread over four amazing days. On the first day 27th of March was “Woodstock”, where the duo-performer Salim – Sulaiman were the guest star performers for the day. The crowd was enthralled by the amazing song performances. To add to the flavor was Shraddha, who performed along with them. The defining performance of the day was Salim singing “Qurbaan hua” from his album “Qurbaan”. That sent everyone into trance making everybody’s eve worth coming to the CrossRoads.

The second day was the “Random Collisions” or to call it better “The Sunburn”. Yes, you heard it right!! If you are looking for The Sunburn, then you don’t need to go to Goa, SRCC is the place to hang out. A night of extra-ordinary beats and grooves along with electro music was witnessed at SRCC. The DJs having once played with Swedish Mafia House turned their magic on at SRCC.

The third day was the most awaited event – The Fashion Show. And to add to the excitement of the show, it was the ‘Student of the Year’ actor,VarunDhawan himself as the show-stopper. With the glamour of the Fashion show topped with Varun Dhawan as the show stopper, it became difficult to control one-self and that was seen quite apparently when many people climbed up to the stage to dance with him and get their pictures clicked along with him. And yes, he didn’t let the excitement die by assenting to all the wishes of the audience, be it getting a picture clicked or grooving on the beats of “Disco Deewane”.

The stage was all set for the last day of CrossRoads – “Encore” which was the grandest day with Sonu Nigam performing at the college. Everything was going all fine until the news about the unfortunate demise of Sonu Nigam’s mother came. The ecstasy was all gone!!! Alas, there could exist no force greater than the Power of God. But it was really commendable of the Students Union, SRCC to have yet another scintillating performer Sunidhi Chauhan in place of Sonu Nigam. Everyone enjoyed to their fullest on the last night of the CrossRoads. Sunidhi Chauhan was rocking on the stage with her songs making everyone swirl and twirl. It was a fantastic ending to a complimentarily brilliant beginning.

The arrangements were excellent with good management of the crowd at all the events. The entry to the college was strictly restricted to the college students and those carrying special invites as issued by the Students’ Union SRCC. The Mathematics and Computers Society had their fest – “3rd Degree” going on during the same days. The days were all packed up with the event here and there organized by various societies and clubs of the college including – MathCom, NSS, the Travelers’ Society and the Sustainability Development Cell. The Food Partners were amazingly garnered by them leaving no name one could think of not present at the SRCC. Be it the Tandoori Momos of QD’s or the Sugarcane Juice corner, the stalls were milling with people coming and having the best ties of their lives.

These were the moments of life to cherish, not easy to forget especially for the SR’ites. Those endless moments with friends, those days just flew by and it’s really going to be difficult for all of us to get back to our daily routines. As several status go after the end of CrossRoads “Chaar din ki chandni fir andhrei raat…”!!!

Garvit Godawat

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