The feast of St Valentine, more commonly known as Valentine’s Day is celebrated on February 14 every year and has rather special connotations for the most of us. Being the day of love, it beckons us to reach out to those who hold a special place in our hearts. This year, the “Spread Love to those in Need” campaign put forward a different definition of love. Initiated by the CSR consultancy, I IMPACT INDIA was founded in 2012 by a group of three socially conscious DU students, aimed at making people aware of the rampant undernourishment which exists in poor children.

The campaign kick-started on January 18’13 as the organization posted a video on the immensely
popular site ‘YouTube’ with a very simple agenda; for each view, a packet of biscuit would be
donated to a hungry child on February 14. The heart wrenching video laid out the great disparity
that exists even today in our society. On one hand, there were those who had everything in plenty
whereas the other end of the spectrum was populated with the ones who could barely make ends
meet. With brilliant social media outreach and extensive online promotion, the campaign was all set
to make an impact.

And what a success it was!

Within 20 days, the campaign video recorded 5000 hits and limitless shares on Facebook. As the big
day arrived, the number of views had climbed up to a total of 7000. The unprecedented response was greatly appreciated by the organization and pictures of this noble act were promptly shared, making this Valentine’s day even more fulfilling for all those who had helped make this event a success. The snapshots of those happy, shining faces as they received their packet of biscuit were surely a sight for sore eyes and a reminder of hope and joy. This simplistic yet novel approach towards social awareness has definitely inspired a lot of new ideas as can be seen by a number of other online initiatives. I IMPACT INDIA has truly lived up to its name and re-affirmed their vision, “To drive down the fact that one person can impact us all, impact an entire nation. And that one person is YOU.”

Photo Courtesy - I Impact India

- Rohini Bahuguna

UE Correspondent

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