SHRUTI 2012-13, the Annual Fest of Indraprastha College for Women was inaugarated on 21st feb and proceeded very smoothly. The highlights being, the inaugaration with a beautiful manipuri folk dance and blissful performances by Ila and Ibra, the Khalid sisters. The day ended with a groovy dj night.

The second day was off to a good start. Involving the audiences of diversified interests, the day began with a plethora of competitions. The festival commenced officially with Chauraha: The Street Play competition, The quiz for the Differently able: “WE CAN DO IT” and the Annual Quiz all happening at once, as the day began.

Chauraha 2013 hosted by Abhivyakti (The Dramatics Society) stole the show for the first half of SHRUTI on day 2. The street plays, solely a production of students, were performed and oriented in such a fashion that they intensely make an impact on the minds and souls watching it. The eleven teams performing came up with the most brilliant ways of showing the most prevalent societal dogmas. Common communal issues were unfolded with the help of simplest of props. Even though each performance lead to a tear drop, KMC and PGDAV topped the list bagging the first and second positions respectively. SGTB Khalsa College was people’s favourite and was recognized as the Best Beat Makers’.

The Annual Quiz witnessed a total of 25 participating teams. There were four rounds- General Round, A-V Round, Category Round and Differential Round to bring out the best and brightest from the whole bunch. After three hours of daft brainstorming, six teams were shortlist for the final round. The St. Stephen’s Cross Team (Fardeen A. Majumdar, Mukund Marodia and Vartik Upadhyaya) bagged the first position while FMS cross team (Abhishek, Atul and Hemant) bagged the second position.

IP College is an institution that gives place to everybody’s talent. “WE CAN DO IT” was a quiz competition designed for visually challenged. Four girls for IP College went through rounds- the oral quiz round and audio round of movie songs. It was a beautiful experience to observe these girls strive for the best. All of them performed well and were given a certificate of appreciation.  

Film festival put up by NSS was more than an asset to the people attending it. There was an intimate interaction about Gender Bias, Love and Violence. A group of youngsters shared a space where they spoke about questions that have hit almost all of us in various situations. This turned out to be a very valuable session.

NCC organised an event- “What the Picture Says” where a few pictures were shown to about 34 students from different colleges and they had to put their interpretation of the picture on the paper. Shreya Taneja and Himanshi Sharma of IP College got the first and second positions respectively. Vikas Prasad of MSIT bagged the third position.

The Hindi department organised two major competitions- Hindi Debate and Svarachit (Hindi Poetry). In the Hindi debate Competition; every participant had something better and new to say on the topic”Sadan ka matt hai ki samaj mai mahilao ko aaj bhi vyakti ke roop mai sweekar nahi kiya gaya hai” Out of the five teams, the prize winners were Balmiki from Ambedkar College (I Position); Shipra Shukla from IPCW (II Position) and there was tie between Prabhanshu and Imran bagging the third position. The Best Interjections was titled to Rajat from DIAS, GGSIPU and Garima of IPCW. 

Svarachit Poetry Competition was about the free flow of thoughts about anything you want to potray though your piece of work. The first, second and third positions were very well deserved by Manju Gupta, Pratiksha and Shayna in the given order. 

TROPES, the photography exhibition had the masterpieces from most creative minds from around DU and other universities. The Film and Photography Society organised the mobile film making competition wherein the students had to present their ideas through a video.

The Indian talent sprouted when beautiful classical dances came together and shared a common platform. The “Nritya Utsav” Solo dance competition was the most blissful experience for a viewer. There was a flow of peace all around the place.

The most awaited event of the day “Wacky Feet” or the Western Dance Competition happened in the main lawns got huge audience. The loud sound system compelled even the most tired volunteer to jive on the beats. All the performances were fabulous showing a great amount of hard work, practice and time. This was probably the most glamorous event of the whole fest. Maitreyi College took away people’s heart winning the first position. Following them were the geniuses of SRCC on second position. Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies got a special mention in the entire event.

All in all day 2 proved to be a fabulous day filled with lots of energy and fun. Day 3 , the finale to this celebrations has already gathered huge expectations and people are all set to have the time of their lives! 

Shinam Khandelwal

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