February 23, 2013 was the most awaited day of Shruti 2013. It began with the slight drizzle that lifted the spirits as much as the events scheduled for the day did. The events on the final day of ‘Shruti - The Ethereal Song’ began with the mesmerizing tunes of the ethereal songs as well; Western singing and Classical singing commenced the day.  Ninaad, the Classical singing competition had two categories: Solo singing and Group singing. Parampara from LSR bagged the first prize in Solo Singing while Aishwarya from Hansraj College got second; Saba from Music Faculty and Farzana from Hindu College shared the third prize. The Group singing was appreciated by the judges for the variations that the teams included in the Ragas. The Auditorium felt cleansed with the beautiful tunes that came out from the violin, flutes, tabla and other instruments. While LSR and Music Faculty shared the second position, Gargi College stood first.

Gargi College performed well in the Folk Dance competition as well. Bringing to the stage the traditional Haryanwi song depicting the famous jija-saali conversations, the college won many applauds and the first position. The second position was secured by Kamla Nehru girls with their Punjabi folk dance complimented by live music. Although there was no third position, the judges were all praises for Jesus and Mary College’s performance of Lavani.

‘On the spot photography’ competition organized by the Film and Photography society of the college provided a platform to amateur photographers to showcase their talents. As challenging as the themes were, nothing deterred the budding photographers to capture  the best in the world around us through their lens.  Akanksha Chitkara won the first prize, Elisha Walia got second and Hemant bagged the third.

The Choreography event had an impressive turnout. Out of the 8 colleges that participated, Hindu and Hansraj College stood first and second respectively.

The Live performance by the SQS Project was the much awaited grand finale to the fest.  The beautiful weather added to the truly enthralling performance of the band. The covers were very well performed and the originals had no comparison; “Teri aankhon se” deserves a special mention as people were humming the song long after it had been performed. People wanted to enjoy for another hour of the performance but the oncoming rain posed a threat to the equipments and the band had to end their performance. Nonetheless, the fest was a great hit with people!

Mansi Sharma

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