‘Shruti - The Ethereal Song’ 2013was a three day Annual Fest of Indraprastha College for Women. It was an extravaganza with young talent springing out in each moment of it.It goes without saying that the fest was nearly impossible without the tireless andpainstaking efforts of the advisor of the ‘big show’- Dr. M.M. Yogi. She was always seen on the go to make sure that the fest could become bigger than ever.

The first day had a lot to offer. Team UE got a chance to interact with Ila and Ibra, the Khalid sisters who came from Aligarh. The informal conversation went on something like this:

Correspondent: With all so much happening around, what is going on in your mind, as a student?

Sisters: Being students, studies were always our priority and will ever remain because we come from a very literate family. Our father is a professor and our mother is also a B.Ed from Urdu. Our grandfathers, grandmother, all were in different fields of studies only. I don’t know if we will be the only one or not in the field of singing. I don’t know anything right now. Uhhh… But… I will choose music as my second option if I get a very big chance. In say, movies albums and all, and do many projects in it, then I will choose music.

Correspondent: I see a lot of culture instilled in you guys. It comes out really well during your performances. Where and how does that come from?

Sisters: (laugh) We guess, that’s hereditary. We don’t know where that comes from!? We don’t practice any of those. It comes naturally. How a person is born and brought up, I mean it depends on that. It depends solely upon that.

Correspondent: I overheard you saying that you (Ila) want to become a cardiologist and you (Ibra) want to become an IITian and then an IAS officer. What made you meet these passions?

Sisters: We always take the example of Dr. Palash Singh, he has his own band Euphoria plus he is a doctor. He serves his patients every weekend for free. That’s a big example for us to follow. We look upon him. He has a great spirit of being a doctor and manages his singing. So, we think, if him, then why not us! That’s it. That’s my point. And my mother has always been there with us throughout our journey. She always keeps telling us: “Girls! Whether a girl or a boy, doesn’t matter! What matters is that you should be a good human being. Just go ahead and do it!”

Correspondent: Listening to such positive views about feminism. What is your message for IP College girls?

Sisters: uhhh… well, we just want to say that, first pursue whatever dreams you have, it maybe in any field, don’t look at anyone whosoever criticizes you. Don’t look at it with a bad view point. Take it as a good view point. And just follow you heart and follow your dreams! You will get one day!

Correspondent: That was great talking! Thank you!

The other most sought after events of the same day were the jazzy Delhi Dance Fever, The Annual Public Production-‘Sakina’ Rehearsing Manto in the times of gang rapes; leaving everybody into tears and the colourful DJ Evening.

The second day was predominantly saved for Chauraha: the street plays from various colleges. Well, it was a gush of emotions, with all happening at once. The show stealer was the whacky feet (Western dance competition) with handsome guys and pretty girls dancing it off and making the crowd go mad!

The final day saw a bit of drizzle heating up things for the second half of the day. SQS band from Mumbai made it very obvious for everybody to dance there. The main lawns saw the maximum no. of people on the SQS Band night. Three words for them “You Rocked It!” 

Shinam Khandelwal

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