True to its fiery call, the One Billion Rising was a culmination of strength, vigor and the graceful conviction that women represent. The Movement with spearheads like Eve Ensler and Kamla Bhasin, was marked by the indomitable spirits of unifying against all forms of violence being meted out to women in society today.

The One Billion Rising was a shout out to the masses to shed away the societal hypocrisies and become their own agents to the cause of women’s declining worth in the eyes of stark and unapologetic patriarchy. The final chapter of the Movement was seen on February 14th, where people came out to the Parliament Street in teeming numbers to celebrate the “Vagina Day”, and the source of rich feminine spirit. It marked a celebration of women’s sexuality and a revolutionary call to end violence against women happening all over the world. 190 countries across the globe took to the Rising and celebrated the cause to not tolerate any violence against women.

Lady Shri Ram College for Women, Delhi University hosted a series of events to mark the day, where
other institutions like Bluebells School and Kamla Nehru College also participated whole-heartedly to
rejoice in the stand against gender violence. An RTI Camp by Satark Nagrik Sangathan, and a bookstall
by Women’s Unlimited was also set up at LSR to facilitate awareness of sexual violence among the
participants. Enthralling musical performances, dance routines and sharing of literary work by Dr.
Minoti Chatterjee (Principal, KNC) alongwith other faculty and students from both colleges evolved an
atmosphere of energy and zest among all participants who followed on to the Parliament Street at 5

The final part of the celebration saw immense mass support as people came up to take their pledges in support of the cause and share their experiences. The Dramatics Society of LSR put up a dynamic and engaging street play to urge women to break out of their domestic and societal shackles and claim what
is rightfully theirs. The Choreography Society of KNC presented a deeply moving piece- “Ab Bas”, to denote that women would no longer wait for men or Gods to protect their virtues; they would rise and slay all creepers which could curb their freedom.

Dr. Ujjaini Ray, Convenor of the Women’s Development Cell at Lady Shri Ram remarked, “ LSR was proud to be a part of the One Billion Rising, because we do believe that it’s time to say ‘NO’ to all means of gender violence. We had a wonderful rising today, and the spirit of solidarity seen has deeply affected me. Change, is around the corner.” The various co-ordinators shared the causes they were rising for: Against patriarchy, molestation,  sexual abuse and the frequent attempts to dilute the pure spirit of women under norms of ‘chastity’ and ‘social’ roles.

New Delhi, with the world saw an uprising of honesty, enthusiasm and responsibility. The masses have joined hands to not only safeguard, but reinforce the strength and pride that a woman brings to a household, a society and the nation at large. The essence is in to keep the fire burning and with what
was witnessed with a special celebration of holistic and inclusive love this Valentine’s, the women across the world have taken the untrodden path and are ready to find, show and walk the way!

- Shambhawi Tripathi
UE Correspondent

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