Gasping Breaths Tapping Feet Clapping Hands Amazed eyes & Three days of sheer fun. This is what defined‘ Priyadarshani’ – The Annual Festival of Dyal Singh College
As the Festival season is slowly spreading to the entire Delhi University, Dyal Singh College got the ball rolling by successfully organizing ‘Priyadarshani’ from 13th- 15th February. Spanning over a period of 3 days, the festival offered something for everyone. Music lovers, Fashion followers, politically correct, artistically inclined or a wordsmith, it was a treat for everyone. 

What could have been a better start to these three days than various colleges battling to win, not by arms and violence, but by instruments and melodious voices?  The event was flagged off by a ‘Rock Anthem’,enthralling the crowd. Next in line was the ‘Fashion Show’ where beautiful girls and handsome hunks of various colleges donned their attires and walked the ramp. The ‘oomph’ factor had just been added. Newspapers are boring, computers are for fun, and televisions are for movies & shows and not for news channels, so how does one spread awareness amongst the youth? ‘Street Plays’ is your answer. Nukkad Natak is a very effective way of raising your voices against injustice and gathering support from the masses, because ‘unity’ is what our nation needs today. So, aimed at this noble cause, street play societies of various colleges entertained the crowd with a purpose; to transform the thinking prevailing today.
Day 2 was a cake for the creative minds, but the cherry was reserved for the nightingales. Group song, western solo, Indian light solo kept the mood of ‘Valentine’s day’ alive for the audiences. These performances soothed their minds and souls, otherwise disturbed by the hectic routine of everyday. As the nerves had been calmed, they were now triggered to think about, ‘Is coalition politics responsible for lack of investments in India?’  Yes, it was time for debating.  New ideas poured in one after the other, making the debate an interactive session and indeed a success.
Expressions have various means of getting expressed. Some sing, some dance, some speak, some paint and some write! Now it was the chance for brushes and pens to perform miracles and display their creativity through the medium of ‘painting’ and ‘creative writing’. The most awaited day had finally arrived. The homestretch still had a lot of events in that small distance, but the medal at the end was what everyone was waiting for. The tapping feet took over most of the day with competitions like ‘western dance solo’, ‘folk dance solo’ and ‘western dance group’. The art societies participated in ‘Face painting’ and ‘Rangoli’. Now that the homestretch had been run, the medal awaited the runners. Or was it
the other way around? Indeed it was! ‘The Local Train’ had reached the station! The famous band performed live at Dyal Singh College. They mesmerized the audience with their famous songs like ‘Choo lo’, ‘Bandey’ and ‘Yeh Zindagi’.
The three day extravaganza came to an end as the enraptured audience kept asking for more…
Simran Ahluwalia
Karan Jain
2/24/2013 00:20:14

Writing of this columnist is really good..

vidhi madan
2/24/2013 00:33:29

Really those 3 days were amazing...n description given by columnist is terrific..

simran garg
2/26/2013 14:33:24

priyadarshani 3rd day was amazing
am from lsr
and I know how boring our fest was this year
me and my friend were at khan market we came to see my friend performance never thought dyal singh is soo good at fest
and I loved this band the local train
the guitarist paras <3 so cute :*

Aman giri
2/26/2013 14:35:52

the local train naild it!

2/26/2013 14:40:58

I was a participant here
these people take good care of girls!
and the campus is very nice
we will come again :)

Asif khan
2/26/2013 20:43:14

Great fest!

kunal singh
2/26/2013 21:25:37

fashion show was realy awesome
description given by columnist is amazing!!!

Swapnil Singhal
2/27/2013 01:37:46

Nice work Simran ....
Loved it :)


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