Imagine how you would have felt, if a few years back, you had gone to a store to buy yourself one of those video game cassettes, that claimed to have a thousand games in one, and actually got a thousand games. It might be difficult since that almost never happened and you ended up sitting in your room like a dolt with the same bunch of games, wondering what in God’s name was wrong with the world. That is how you would have felt had you attended ORREY’13, the fest organized by the computer science department of Miranda House. Let’s just say you expected MARIO and you ended up getting SUPER MARIO.

 The day began with an incredibly intriguing talk on ethical hacking by Mr. Sumit Modi from Lucideus Tech.  It was a great session for all the potential hackers out in the open who can now bug people to death by hacking into their computer and making it do all kinds of wacky things.  Starting with making the lights on their keyboard dance and the CD player go crazy to formatting the entire hard drive. One learnt how to make any kind of pop up message appear on their screen as well . If that wasn’t enough already, after just using someone’s phone for five minutes, one can even hack into that and know their exact location anytime, from any part of the world, or get to listen to their conversations, take screenshots without them ever getting a whiff of what was happening.

Following this, five teams debated on whether expressing provocative personal views using any form of social media as a platform should be punishable under the IT act of India. After almost an hour long spirited discussion it resulted in more a clash of values and morals than of facts.The team that swayed the judges most was from Lady Harding Medical College and the one that came second was from Kirori Mal College.The best part of the whole event, however, was the brain racking BrainWiz quiz. Short and exciting, it held everyone’s attention throughout its six rounds. It was won by the team from IIT Delhi while the next best team was that of St. Stephen’s College.
The event involving C++ debugging saw Neha Tyagi from Miranda House securing the first position and Sudeep Singh from IFTM University bagging the second. The movie making competition was won by Mohit Hambiria from Kurukshetra University, with Viabhav Jain and Rishi Shukla of MVN University coming second. Divyam Singhal of IIT Delhi won the Web Designing event.

The computer lab of Miranda House saw itself getting turned into a mini LAN gaming center for the last event. Anant Chaudhary secured the first position and the second spot went to Vipul Tomar. These people evidently have trouble containing their gray matter.

Orrey unquestionably was a huge success! It turned out to be loads of fun and a great learning experience for all the students who attended it!

Nimisha Tripathy

Picture Credits : Orrey'13

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