The dynamism of the first day of Mosaic ’13 left everyone who attended the fest spellbound and craving for more. There were events happening by the second and people could be seen scurrying around from one event or one food stall to another. 
The front lawn was colorfully transformed into a spot for a carnival with a wide variety of games like musical chairs, tug of war, Tambola and paper dance, while the back lawn was very efficiently put to use as a food fest. The general quizcompetition saw heavy and enthusiastic participation. Lengthy but gripping, it was delightful to watch the teams so zealously compete against each other. The team that won was a cross team of Ramjas college and Kirori Mal college while SRM university was a close second. The Ad Mad competition was won by the team from Janki Devi Memorial College that came up with the idea of JITENDRA DANCING SHOES which was extremely innovative and won many accolades. The results of the fine arts competitions like Poster and Rangoli making are yet to be announced. Even after two events (Debate and Street Dance competition) getting cancelled, the day held its charm throughout and was fun to be a part of.

The enthusiasm of day 1 has overflowed into day 2 and people are looking forward to the events and Jazz day 2 promises to offer.

Nimisha Tripathi

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