The 12th of February saw an eventful day at Sri Guru Gobind Singh College of Commerce, when half of the college was busy enjoying ‘Udaan’, the annual fest by Manchatantra, the college dramatics society, while the other half was busy with Monexus 2013 – The first ever Financial festival of the college. The fest marked the formal inauguration of the Finance and Investment Cell. It was divided into 2 competitions, namely – InveStock and Money Villa.

The Finance and Investment Cell proudly proclaimed that InveStock was a ‘next level Mock Stock’, and rightfully so, because the conference room of the college saw participants from all around Delhi University passionately role playing as investors. The competition was specifically designed to test participants on the basis of their investor skills, rather than their information on pointless facts, hence they weren't made to write a written quiz, instead, they were given a model of the stock market in which they were required to invest.
They could purchase shares of companies by analyzing the news and rumors and sell them off in consecutive rounds. The investor with the highest profit at the end of the rounds ultimately won. The gossip monger had it that some of the participants tried to form a cartel during the competition, but the organizers were step ahead of the investors, and because of strategic planning on their end, the cartel went into losses as soon as they started their alliance.

The second competition, Money Villa, was in the spirit of youth empowerment, as participants were made in-charge of designing the union budget, ensuring that it was both profitable and socially beneficial at the same time. They had to keep in mind the never ending scams, the money that can’t be traced, and dodge the blame-game, all while drafting a budget model. “No no, we don’t need to allocate money to that state, their chief minister has her pockets full already..”, grunted one of the participants to her teammates.
Oh, The dark underbelly of policy makers!

It was a completely different scenario in the seminar room of SGGSCC, as it looked more like a Wall Street office than a Delhi University room. Participants from Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies, Hansraj College, Hindu College, Shri Ram College of Commerce, School of Open Learning and the host college- SGGSCC enthusiastically took part in the event.

In their quest to do the unexpected, the 'F&IC' awarded the winners of the competition internships, instead of books or pen drives, which were sensibly & generously provided by SMC Tutorials, one of the sponsors for the event.

University Express Team, looks forward to Monexus 2014!

- Tushar Aggarwal
UE Columnist 

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