The concourse thrilled with exuberance when Mr. Narendra Modi, the Honorable Chief Minister of Gujarat addressed the gathering of students and faculty at SRCC on the 6th of February on the occasion of the Shri Ram Memorial Oration organized by the Business Conclave, SRCC. The theme of his discourse was “Emerging Business Models in the Global Scenario”. The initiation to the ceremony started around 14:00 hrs when the entry to the Sports Complex of SRCC, the venue of the event, was opened for students. The entire process of entry took a long time but it was justified considering the security of the Chief Guest, which was the prime concern of the organizers. The event commenced sharp at its scheduled time of 16:00 hrs.

This became Mr. Modi’s first public address after winning the Gujarat State Assembly elections though the talk intrinsically had nothing to do with politics. He began his oration talking about the excruciating state of pessimism in the country by saying "Even after six decades of freedom, the nation awaits good governance". Citing the example of the state of Gujarat, its developmental pattern over the years, he emphasized on the role of youth of the nation to bring about an inclusive growth of the nation. The keynote speech by Mr. Modi was carried 'live', in its entirety by most news channels of the country. Any adjective appraising the oration would be a mere understatement of the fact. The elocution mainly centered on the 'Youth Power' of the country and its arousal. The speech carried no resentment towards anyone in particular, however subtle realizations about the failure of the country since Independence was hinted upon.

It would not be wrong to say that it was not Mr. Narendra Modi, the politician, speaking rather it was Mr. Narendra Modi, the visionary. The event and his oration skills in particular was appraised by everyone. He was quite informal in the way he spoke and shared some of his personal experiences with the gathering. He covered a wide range of subjects in his discussion ranging from development to youth to progress in the same breath. 

The scene was bizarre as on one side there was Mr. Modi delivering the oration in memory of the founder of the college and on the other side a protest was organized in front of the college against him visiting the college. Some students gate-crashed the barricades and started shouting slogans against Mr. Modi outside the college. Delhi Police efficiently handled the situation by using water cannons and lathi-charge to keep the crowd under control.

It marked the conclusion of the Business Conclave – The National management festival of SRCC. In all, it was an event very well organized and coordinated by the Conclave team of the Students’ Union, SRCC – A toast to the successful finale of the entire event. 

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