The first day of Medina ‘13, ItehAad-i-iblida started with a lot of zeal. The starting hours witnessed intense practice and planning by all the colleges .The organizing committee of the event came up with a very innovative idea where the 3rd year students from the dramatic society of every college were supposed to teach their team mates the play they did in their freshmen years. This idea was lauded with a lot of enthusiasm as it was different and challenging. All the teams were given two hours time to prepare the street play which could be approximately 20-25 minutes long.

The event began with a performance by Miranda house. A delightful play by CBS was followed by performances by Ramjas, Hansraj, JMC, SRCC, GTBIT and Gargi. The central idea of all the plays revolved around various social issues varying from position of women in the Indian society to civic sense. All the colleges put up a spectacular performance. The audience was quite cheerful and interactive. After a vibrant performance by all colleges, came the time for results.

The winners were:

First : GTBIT for BhedChaal

Second : CBS for Civic Sense

Third : SRCC for Importance of Sports

As the first day of the Dramatics fest came to a close there is still a lot to look forward to.

Pooja Singh

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