Good stalls- check, amazing crowd -check, deafening noise-check, power packed performances- check. Day 1 of Mecca proved to be a roaring success with so much to offer. The atmosphere was bubbling with energy and lots of excitements as people were seen scurrying from one event to another and having a great time. 

The competition in today’s events reached new heights with every team putting their best foot forward. The evening had just set in and the scorching heat was taken over by comforting breeze- perfect timing for setting up the stage for a rock band performance.

The audiences were segregated into two separate lanes of boys and girls to take care of any kind nuisance. An eager audience could be seen hooting and screaming with every beat being played.The band performance came as a surprise to all since the event was kept under covers for long.Within no time the once abandoned lawns were packed with students.
The band -Underground Authority, was the first surprise to be revealed. It was their first time in Delhi. They were quite amazed to see the good turnout. The performances were enthralling and the crowd could be seen swarming in from every nook and corner of the college. They presented novel and fresh compositions of some well-known tracks in their own unique style.

The band performance lasted for almost 2 hours and the audience was in for another treat. They were exposed to a new Punjabi band-SHAD. They gave an introductory performance which will be resumed in day 2 as well.

Those who went to Hindu on day 1 surely didn’t leave the premises disappointed. The excitement of day 1 has overflowed into day 2 as people are eagerly anticipating what new wonders day 2 has in store for them.

Diotima Basu

Photographs - Diotima Basu

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