Most of the girls at were in for a real treat when the administration of Daulat Ram College was marching in full swing against the inefficiency of the governing body of the renowned institution. The classrooms remained dull and dormant; the grounds that once echoed girly giggles and chirps didn’t see much activity for almost a week. Most of us got a good reason to enjoy the winter mornings with coffee and brownies in bed but for the helpless admins, the 1.9 degrees was a nuisance. Although the temperature was at its lowest, the spirit of the campaigners kept them warm and nothing could deter them. All kinds of posters could be seen, rangingfrom atacit “we want justice” to a dramatic kursi chhodo (be efficient or else leave the chair) which reflected the emotions of the campaigners.

The issue starts back from 2009-10, the year that marked the appointment of ten, grade-D employees on a permanent basis by the signatories of the governing body of the college. This was however inconsistent with the University Grant Commission’s directive stating that no grade D employee be hired on a permanent basis but on contractual basis. It was only 3-4 months back that the aggrieved employees stopped receiving their due salaries following a cut from the UGC fund. The agenda of the distressed protestors reads as follows:

- The 10 employees (the forerunners of the protest)should be duly paid their salary, medical benefits and all such government allowances on a fair and regular basis from the UGC fund itself.

- All the employees in various departments must receive due recognition and promotions.

- All the vacancies in various units be appropriately and swiftly filled.

- The governing body of the college must involve a member of the non- teaching staff of the college in all its decisions.

The strike has been going on for 12 odd days yet the wronged parties are impatiently awaiting a concluding dialogue from those accountable.

“We are to hold an indefinite strike till our demands are met in arighteous manner” were the words of one of the many voices demanding speedy justice.

For now classes have returned to partial normalcy, however with the student dealing windows and librarybeing shut, the students are facing problems. The students can only hope the issue gets resolved soon and college gets back to its normal functioning.

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