Hasratein’, or ‘desires’ as we would simply put it in English, a pretty basic word, but the complexity in its meaning can be understood by the pure range of emotions that such a simple word can invoke each and every one of us.

From the utter despair of an unfulfilled desire to the extreme ecstasy of the ones fulfilled, these desires are what edge us on every single day towards living our lives and the students at Ram Lal Anand’s Dramatics Society were probably thinking along the same lines while Christening their baby, “Hasratein back in 2009.

The Society, one of the newest entrants in the university theater circuit was formed by Pranav Brara, with the help of fellow theater enthusiasts of the college. Their aim was to provide a platform for the budding actors of RLA to showcase their talent on a bigger stage and to help enthusiasts to explore the enlightening world of theater in either of its form, i.e. stage or street plays, and the society’s current standing is a testament to the success of their vision.

The society, in its early phase, went through a spell of obscurity and was formally recognized in 2010 since when it has not only carved out niche for itself but the society and its members have managed to set it’s Alma Mater’s name deep in people’s mind, taking RLA from just the college near ‘Venky’ to the college that won the Street Play competition at the annual festival of IIT Kharagpur.

Hasratein’ to brag about also has been victorious at cultural festivals  ITS Ghaziabad, Ramanujan(DU),Ram Lal Anand(E), and several others.

Hasratein collaborated with the prestigious National School of Drama in 2011 to churn out its first stage play production, 'Zindagi Countdown 3-2-1', directed by NSD’s Assistant Professor Dinesh Khanna. It also has several other remarkable productions to its name as of now.

Though having achieved so much in such short span of time, the society and its members still have a long way to go and with the lack of support from the college authorities, their work is cut out for them, but, if the society’s short history, and more importantly its current crop of talented actors are anything to count for, the future doesn't look all that cloudy for them.

- Sushant Talwar
UE Correspondent

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