With the photography extravaganza making a buzz around the campus, the Annual Photography Festival of Ramjas College continued to draw huge number of camera-maniacs on its second and final day. The unprecedented exhibition of myriad pictures comprising of various landscapes and categories, clicked by the society members, alumni and faculty of the college drew much admiration and praise from the onlookers.

The second day kicked off with a review, of the entire photography lexicon at Ramjas College by Sundeep Bali, a famous photographer who judged the online event ‘Captured’ and helped the photography enthusiasts to proceed with their passion. 

Day two had in store for us ‘Photoexpress’, where participants were asked to click a picture on the spot and write an essay in thousand words. The benchmark ofjudgment was based on the relevance of story with the topic, creativity portrayed, photographic ability, originality and persuasiveness of the story expressed. This competition was judged by Tarun Chawla, another famous photographer, who helped in assessing other events and competitions too.  This was followed by screening of  Chal-Chitra, which was an online competition about short film making.

There was also a peaceful engagement with the history of photography in a presentation called ‘Showcase’. It included the history of photography, about eminent photographers like Atul Kasbekar, who is the man behind Kingfisher calendar and Raghubir Singh, who is acknowledged for his remarkable landscape and documentary styled photography.  Also, we witnessed a celebration of Homai Vyarwalla, who is India’s first photo woman journalist. What’s more, trailer of the best wildlife photography documentary called ‘Planet Earth’ was showcased. 

The two day photography carnival came to a halt with a presentation by Nikon about various aspects and dimensions of photography. Focus 2013 offered the perfect ambience to young photographers to explore the profoundness of their passion and talent and also providing ample opportunities to learn and grow as they march forward with their love for photography. 

Suhani Arora


Photo Courtesy : Suhani Arora

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