Scoop, the annual journalism department festival of DCAC was held from 5th to 7th February and boy, what a fest it was. Each day came with its own set of delightful competitions and set of high points. The fact that the festival managed to make ‘real’ news at established platforms is enough to claim that we at DCAC stick to the Golden Rule of Journalism. The highlight of the event was undoubtedly the panel discussion on the 5th February. With panelists like Justice Katju, Nidhi Razdan, Praveen Swami,  Suhasini Haida and General G.D. Bakshi, the discussion ‘FUELLING INDO-PAK CRISIS: MUTILATIONS OR THE MEDIA’ made for one entertaining watch. The audience was cheering and applauding their favorites and the heated discussion continued well after the event. Students continued the debate over lunch and Justice Katju and General G.D. Bakshi obliged by participating in the same. Nonetheless, the discussion was followed by ‘Cartoon Making Competition’ and 2 students went home richer by Rs.3000-2000.

The next day though didn’t boast of any famous names but it was abuzz with interesting activities like the Quiz, The Baking News Competition and the Ad-Mad competition. The quizmaster was Aniket Mishra and the questions were, honestly, mind-boggling. The Baking News brought out the creative and witty sides and saw 3 teams battle out the finals. The Ad-mad was more intense with allegations of cheating cropping up every now and then. A three round competition, the Ad-mad saw the leading team losing out to the weakest team in the last round. Guess that’s what makes these activities so much fun to participate in. And a few lucky ones get to earn easy money by simply acting out brand like ‘Mountain Dew’ and ‘Nataraj’ on stage. However, the day also brought some decent footfalls at the ‘Burger Girl’ counter which had seen no visitors the previous day. Overheard right outside the auditorium, “The burgers are expensive but almost as good as McDonalds”.

The last day was solely dedicated to Movies and Films, and The Ècran Film Festival was held with the grandness that the name suggests. The results for the online photography results were declared on the same day. Movies ranging from ‘Desi’ classics to Disney legends were screened and a panel discussion regarding the evolving times in the cinema and the importance of Independent cinema in the same was held in the morning. Entries to the Movie-making Competition were also screened and the winners awarded. The fest ended with lesser crowds as the volunteers were tired and the participating audience scanty. After a successful and smooth 3 day run, the students headed out to let their hair down in the ‘After-Party’ and recalling the moments of the festival. Some seniors found the fest ‘Thanda’ whereas some thought it was the best till date. We at DCAC will however strive to raise the level every time and integrate fun, frolic and serious business under a single roof every year. 

Photographs: Journalism Society, DCAC

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